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AI Expert Brings GOP Drag Queen Portraits To Life In Creepily On Point Video

TikToker @Obscuriousmind uses AI to bring RuPublicans' Instagram portraits of right-wing figures including Mitch McConnell, Trump and Mike Pence as drag queens to life.

TikTok screenshots of Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence as AI drag queens

TikToker @Obscuriousmind has gone viral after using artificial intelligence to bring Instagram portraits of right-wing figures—including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, former Vice President Mike Pence, and former President Donald Trump—to life.

The portraits originated on the @RuPublicans Instagram account, which was created by a gay couple who are drag enthusiasts and launched on March 30. The name of the account is a nod to RuPaul's Drag Race, the most high-profile drag competition in the country.

The account has posted multiple portraits of conservative leaders since the launch and each has been given their own unique style and drag name thanks to the AI text-to-image program Midjourney.

Here, for instance, is Mike Pence—the "Womb Warden Supreme."

The portraits soon inspired @Obscuriousmind to add their own flair, this time by using artificial intelligence to bring these portraits to life.

At the top of the video, "Trump" can be seen urging Americans to "make America glam again," a play on his most infamous campaign slogan. Immediately after that, "Pence" describes himself as "the elephant in the room... who's not afraid to sparkle."

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham also gets the AI drag queen treatment, referring to "himself" as a proponent of "trickle down fabulousness." Even better: "McConnell" identifies himself as a fiscal conservative—"who will never skimp on style."

You can see these GOP drag queen portraits for yourself—and others—in the video below.


AI Conservative Queens: right wing & fabulous #ai #rupublican #rupaulsdragrace

The video quickly made its way to Twitter, where it received a glowing reception.

Over the last year, Republicans have passed a flurry of anti-trans legislation, much of which has sought to outlaw drag performances under the guise of "protecting" children from sexually obscene content.

The gay couple who created @RuPublicans—Craig and Stephen—told NBC News earlier this month that they were "huge fans of drag" and wanted to take action against the GOP's anti-drag agenda.

The account's use of AI-generated portraits of Republican leaders in drag is an interesting commentary on the American culture war. While drag is often associated with liberal values, Craig and Stephen have shown that it can be a tool for activism in pushing back against conservative rhetoric.