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Adam Sandler Pays Sweet Tribute To 'Happy Gilmore' Costar Bob Barker

The actor shared how he'll miss the 'Price is Right' legend and his 'Happy Gilmore' costar 'kicking the crap out of me' after his death at age 99.

Bob Baker punching and Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmore" scene
Happy Madison Productions/Universal Pictures

Actor/comedian Adam Sandler gave a touching and lighthearted tribute to the late Bob Barker, the longtime host of The Price is Right.

Barker, who presided over the popular price-guessing game show for 35 years, passed away at his home on Saturday at the age of 99.

In addition to working on The Price is Right from 1972 to 2007, Barker was the host of Truth or Consequences from 1956 to 1975 and has appeared in numerous other ventures, including film.

One of those credits was from the 1996 sports comedy film Happy Gilmore starring Sandler as the titular character.

Barker made a memorable cameo as himself and hilariously got into a physical smackdown with Happy Gilmore on the golf course.

In the scene, Barker is paired with the unsuccessful hockey player-turned-golfer at the fictional Pepsi Pro-Am tournament, where Gilmore performs miserably.

When an overly determined Barker expresses his displeasure over Gilmore's golfing skills or lack thereof, Gilmore slogs Barker, taking him down.

When Sandler asked, "Do you want a piece of me?" Barker counters with:

“I don’t want a piece of you. I want the whole thing.”

Barker lunges back full force, and repeatedly delivers blows to Gilmore's face and knocks him to the ground.

Here's a clip of the iconic scene.

Happy Gilmore | Throwing Punches with Bob

Despite the over-the-top scuffle, the two got on well off-camera and have remained friends.

On Saturday morning, Sandler took to the social platform X, formerly Twitter, and referred to the late TV personality as "The man. The myth. The best."

He continued:

"Such a sweet funny guy to hang out with. Loved talking to him. Loved laughing with him. Loved him kicking the crap out of me."
"He will be missed by everyone I know! Heartbreaking day."
"Love to Bob always and his family! Thanks for all you gave us!"

People loved the unforgettable Happy Gilmore scene.

Sandler's post inspired others to share remembrances of the late TV icon.

Barker died of natural causes at his home in the Hollywood Hills.

His longtime spokesperson Roger Neal said of Barker's passing:

“It is with profound sadness that we announce that the World’s Greatest MC who ever lived, Bob Barker, has left us."

Adam Sharp, president and CEO of the National Academy of Television Art and Sciences, told the New York Post:

“Bob Barker was a Daytime television mainstay for generations [who] helped to define the game show genre, cementing the ‘Price is Right’ as a powerhouse format that has remained essentially unchanged for more than half a century."
“You don’t mess with perfection. His championship of the craft and for animal welfare were equal in their exuberance."
"His presence will be missed greatly by the Emmy community.”

Barker's TV legacy includes being an 18-time Daytime Emmy award-winner—14 as host for Price is Right—and the 1995 recipient of the Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award.

He will also be remembered for his dedication to animal rights activism.

He retired from his Price is Right hosting duties in 2007, after which comedian Drew Carey took over as successor.

Barker will be interred alongside his wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon, who died at the age of 57 from lung cancer in 1981.