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Activist Perfectly Explains Why The Toxic Debate Around Trans Athletes Needs To Stop

Activist Perfectly Explains Why The Toxic Debate Around Trans Athletes Needs To Stop
GettyImages, @BrynnTannehill/Twitter

Transgender athletes have taken strides to compete on a level playing field against cisgender peers in various sports.

But for every step forward, critics are doing everything they can to halt such progress.

Professional tennis player Martina Navratilova is one of many female athletes who opposes competing against trans athletes, citing "unfair" physical advantages. She even referred to it as "cheating," something she has since apologized for after taking much heat.

Trans cyclist Dr. Rachel McKinnon, the first trans athlete to win the masters world championship, disagrees and is known for arguing against the notion that trans athletes have unfair advantages.

In response to McKinnon's belief, long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe told BBC Radio 4:

"She is arguing that from her own point of self interest and as far as I'm aware the facts that she talks about are not facts."

Brynn Tannehill joined the conversation in a viral Twitter thread in the hopes of putting an end to the transphobic assumptions in competitive sports.

The activist and author of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Trans tweeted on Monday morning:

These so-called solutions are not solutions at all.

They are just another tactic to further isolate a demographic.

Her strong arguments in exposing the toxicity of transphobia and its damaging effects were an eye-opener.

Looks like Brynn Tannehill won this argument, fair and square.

Bottom line: transgender athletes already compete and do not dominate their sport like this debate claims as the reason to ban them from competition.

Just like the transgender bathroom debate, this is fear-mongering devoid of any basis in reality.

Bigots create these scare tactics to further their agenda to promote discrimination.

See also their work regarding Indigenous people with their "bloodthirsty savages" lies that led to the largest genocide on Earth, African slaves being a "threat to White women" which decades after the end of slavery still resulted in the murder of the child Emmett Till and the current hysteria about brown-skinned immigrants being responsible for all drug smuggling and human trafficking.

It's time for people to embrace facts instead of repeating lies about marginalized people or to simply admit to themselves they are bigots.

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