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YouTuber Says She's Made $100,000 Just From Selling Her Own Farts In Jars To Fans In Viral Video

YouTuber Says She's Made $100,000 Just From Selling Her Own Farts In Jars To Fans In Viral Video

A YouTuber and former reality TV star shared her journey to making $100,000 by selling her farts in jars to her fans.

You might know Stephanie Matto from the show 90 Day Fiancé, as the founder of the new creator platform Unfiltrd (similar to OnlyFans) or from her incredibly popular YouTube and TikTok platforms.

Now, Matto is known for her entrepreneurial success with selling her farts in jars on the internet.

Matto posted a video to TikTok that was about a "day in the life of a girl who sells her farts in a jar" which went absolutely viral.

She explained:

"I like to get things rolling with some beans, a protein muffin, sometimes even a yogurt—less sugar is better—some hard boiled eggs."
"And today I decided I was going to make myself a protein shake with some yogurt added and, ugh, I was feeling it."

She also adds flower petals to the jars because she believes the smell clings to the petals and lasts longer.

The jars also come with a hand written note.


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The video reached 410.9 thousand likes and seven million views.

The top comment was pretty negative about Matto sharing her jar farts journey.


While that comment was more negative, most people were here for the laughs.









Matto has continued making TikToks about her fart jars.

Some people love it, some people hate it. She decided it was time to make a full video on her YouTube channel addressing all the questions about her business.

Matto said she doesn't judge people who buy her farts.

"I said, 'Ya know what? I've been requested so many times to jar and sell my farts, why not let this be a thing that I offer?'"
"So I started doing it."
"I actually offered a limited edition drop on my Unfiltrd page."
"Pretty quickly they sold out which completely blew my mind."

Matto realized she "made it" when Lance Bass from the band NSYNC commented on her TikTok.


Matto shared how she does her craft:

"The thing I told myself when I began this new flatulence business was that the number one most important thing to me was going to be customer satisfaction."
"I wanted every single person who purchases my farts to feel that they were getting a deal a good deal and they were receiving a product that a lot of care heart and love went into it."
"And people are saying to me, 'Oh one thousand dollars for one jar of farts. That's so much money, that's such a ripoff.'"
"But I was offering a deal that was 50% off."
"And when you take into account the cost of shipping and handling, the amount of food that I have to eat in order to produce the farts, the amount of energy and exertion that goes into creating those farts, and the flower petals that go into the fart jars which then capture the scent, and then also every single fart jar comes with a handwritten note that takes time.
"It takes paper, it takes ink, it takes willpower, it takes strength, it takes time.
"Time equals money."
"So when you really total up everything all of the effort and the natural resources that go into creating this once in a lifetime product then it really is a good deal when you think about it."

To anyone hating on her fart business or the price, Matto said:

"Walk a mile in my shoes you try to make farts every single day, multiple times a day."
"It's not easy."
"I have perfected my craft. I kind of feel like I am the Einstein of fart jars at this point."

Matto said between her first update and that video she's reached 175 jars sold at $500 each and made $100,000.

Of course, not all of that is pocketed. She has to buy the supplies and the food for the farts.

She also said people should sign up for a creator account on Unfiltrd if they want to sell their own farts in jars.

It's hard to believe this isn't satire but you can find the link to Matto's account on all of her social media platforms if you're curious.