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WATCH: Make Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe from 'Friends' Episode

WATCH: Make Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe from 'Friends' Episode

Thanksgiving is finally over, and with the stresses of all that food prep behind us, we can now reap the benefits of having leftovers for days on end. Here to help us, sort of, with a creative idea other than plating heaps of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey for nuking is Ross Geller from Friends.

Remember the infamous "Moist Maker" sandwich Ross explained to a co-worker as a remedy for the stolen-leftovers-at-work scenario? Sure, the moniker sounded less than delectable, but the kooky paleontologist was onto something.


The dampened delight could be your new tradition after the holiday. But the "Moist Maker" had one distinct advantage over the banal turkey sandwich. It had the signature gravy-soaked slice of bread in the middle of all the fixings ensuring its moistness.

YouTuber "Binging with Babish" (AKA Andrew Rea) demonstrated for us on how to bring Ross's beloved creation to life. "I couldn't google 'thanksgiving sandwiches in television and film' without getting about a billion Ross Geller references," he prefaced on his YouTube clip.

As a leftover lunch, ingredients include the usual suspects that were hopefully stored and sealed in separate Ziploc bags or Tupperware of choice in the fridge: Turkey, cranberry sauce, home-made sausage stuffing, gravy. Of course, don't forget the closure to seal the deal: White bread. However, what Rea shows is how to make the "Moist Maker" fresh and meant for consumption right away, instead of days later.

Rea takes us through each step, beginning with the initial prep of butterflying the turkey and drenching it in two tablespoons of baking soda to a cup of salt before storing the bird for 24 hours. "You want it to look kinda like a light snowfall," he says.


For the big day, Rea demonstrates making the stuffing and prepares the turkey for baking. As he breaks down for us how to make cranberry sauce step by step, our mouths start watering as he creates that wonderful thing no turkey feast should ever be without - The gravy. "I like my gravy the way I like my women. Thin and rich," he poorly jokes. "Sorry." Rest assured, Rea continues with what he seems to do best, and that is cooking in fast-forward YouTube fashion.


Finally, the turkey is golden brown, ready for the main event. He starts with a layer of white meat, followed by the stuffing, with the piece de resistance: The gravy-drenched slice of bread. Next, he piles on some dark meat, more stuffing, cranberry sauce, and another slice of bread.

"Then you eat as fast as you can before your co-workers steal it," he concludes. Open wide and Bon Appetit. Thanks, Ross Geller!

It's already a new, old favorite.


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