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A Woman Thought She Unmatched A 'Fake' Ben Affleck Profile On A Dating App—Until He DMed Her


A TikTok influencer was given a pretty big shock when a catfish she unmatched on Raya turned out to be the real thing. And it wasn't just any old real person—it was Ben Affleck.

When Nivine Jay matched with a profile using pictures of Ben Affleck, she thought this obviously had to be a catfish. So she did what came naturally and unmatched him.

She then received a video on Instagram with a pretty big surprise in store:

"Navine, why did you unmatch me? It's me," said a very very real Ben Affleck.

Aflleck actually did confirm he was using Raya to meet dates in 2019, while asking Raya to support The Midnight Mission, a charity and activist group that serves as resources and rehabilitation for people suffering from addiction.

People are kind of incredulous Navine fumbled an opportunity to date the latest official Batman from the DC Cinematic Universe.

Affleck and actress Ana de Armas dated for a year, but broke up in January.

Affleck has been seen around with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez, who recently also broke up with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, though reps for the two have denied a rekindling romance.

So a heads' up for those of you on Raya. If you match with Ben Affleck, there is a STRONG chance it's the real person.

Do with that what you will.