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Woman's Aunt Congratulates Her On Her Positive Virus Test After Mistaking It For Pregnancy Test


There are some social faux pas you don't want to make in the age of a pandemic.

Like maybe mistaking a COVID virus test and a pregnancy test for each other?

Though they do look extremely alike.

But that was exactly what happened with Holly Baxter, when her aunt mistook a positive SARS-CoV-2 antigen test for a pregnancy test.

She congratulated her niece with the best of intentions.

Baxter posted the positive test on her Instagram story, to which her aunt replied, "Oh how wonderful."

"That is such lovely news for all the family."

After informing her aunt about the misunderstanding, she and her aunt were amused about the whole thing.

“After a good laugh, I replied, telling her that I was in fact only pregnant with the viral particles of Omicron and she told me to get well soon, unaware that she was about to go viral in a different way on Twitter.”

Shortly thereafter, the original post would rack up over 337,000 likes.

The story also made it onto the BBC shortly after with the faux pas featured on a morning program.

Baxter said she was driving when her aunt "heard it discussed on BBC breakfast radio."

"She promptly texted me to say she was ‘laughing her head off,’ and had told all my cousins."
“I think everyone appreciated a bit of light relief from the Covid explosion situation, so I’m glad to have provided some.”

Stay safe this holiday season—and hopefully you won't accidentally deceive any aunts in the process.