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People Break Down The Weirdest Thing They've Ever Done For A Hook Up

Reddit user Idoit159_ asked: 'What's the weirdest thing you've done to get laid?'

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Single people tired of looking for love on various dating apps sometimes have to take matters into their own hands.

That may require physically going out into the real world to initiate a love spark, which newsflash, is what people often did before the advent of smartphones and the internet.

But some of these hopeless romantics can go a little too far in their passion pursuits.

Curious to hear examples of this, Redditor Idoit159_ asked:

"What's the weirdest thing you've done to get laid?"

Some people don't mind going the distance.

The Long-Distance Traveler

"I walked from Arlington to Dallas to lose my virginity when I was 15."

"I reached her house after 16 hours of walking. I didn't have money for a taxi but had the money to buy condoms and a gym membership so I could wash before heading to her house. I got there at like 4am. Got to her house at 4:30am."

"It was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for her (a 15yr girl) and we had sex in her room."

"I was tired from walking for 16 hours just to get laid, she was tired from worrying about me all day. So we slept till noon the next day. When we woke up her mom said 'go get him' cuz she looked in the room to see two high schoolers cuddling in bed."

"She didn't give us a speech. I overheard her talking to my mom over the phone, saying, 'If this boy walked 16 hours to f'k my daughter, there's nothing either of us could have done,' and we both just laughed so hard."

"We spent the day together, then her mom drove me home. She gave me a speech on the way home."

– FormalFew6366

Walk In The Park

"Drove an hour each day to take my dog to a dog park because there were lots of gorgeous ladies there."

– Rocjames77

"Dog parks are hands down THE best place to meet singles. Especially if you have an extremely good boy/girl as your wingman."

"Better than bars IMO."

"Folks are often there alone and just waiting while their dog plays/totally open to small talk from a stranger."

"Often single."

"People are often NOT on their phones because they're watching their dogs-- what other venue can you find this!?"

"Really easy to disengage and focus on your dog if the vibe isn't right."

"Approaching an attractive woman for small talk isn't automatically assumed to be 'switching on'"

"Automatic shared interest and conversation topic."

"Who isn't in a good mood while your at the dog park?"

"Conversations can last at least 15-30m no problem."

"People who have dogs and care about them enough to take them to the park are a self-selecting demographic and tend to have their sh*t together more than the average sampling in a bar/club."

"You're sober and they're well lit (although, if you're not great looking, I suppose the converse of that can be a hinderance)"

"Imo, women look better in hoodie and sweatpants than cocktail dress and heels, but I'm just cozy like that."

"Your dog is an excellent wingman with no approach anxiety and can be a great second opinion on their vibes.''

Long Shot Love

"I accidentally asked a girl on a date who lived 1000 miles away. I’d matched her on a dating app while on business, but I didn’t notice where she was from."

"We kept talking anyways, and I ended up securing the date. She flew out to see me. We dated long distance for a long while, and then I moved to be closer. We’re married now."

– Good-Astronomer-1138

"In a similar vein."

"I was talking to this girl, and I was super into her. We were texting, and I fell asleep and sleep-texted her, 'So when am I picking you up tomorrow for dinner?'"

"She said yes, and I was so confused as to when I sent that cause I had no memory of it. Awake me would never have that confidence."

– Karsa69420

Puppy Love

"Chatted a lady online long enough she finally agrees to go out. Tells me ahead to pick her up as she trusts her dog to be a judge of men and wants her dog to meet me."

"No worries."

"Before I show up I smear some raw hamburger on my shoes. The dog loved me."

"Eeezeee peezeee."

– Jesus_LOLd

Now, Lookee Here

"Literally in 2017 I would wear an unpadded bra and put wireless earphones in it to look like hard nipples."

– RosePeonylavender

Self-Love First

"I have Worked on myself for 3 years, so I am confident that I can maintain a healthy relationship."

– MarxistMann

Forcing The Right Time

"Get married."

"I was young and raised in religion, and there was a girl I was head over heels with, and we got married 6 months after meeting. It was odd and weird to say the least, but more like ignorant and stupid."

"The marriage lasted less than a year and I knew her less than 20 months total."

– bensonprp

Some people devised tactics to lure in their object of affection.

The User

"When I turned 18 in high school, this girl that never showed the slightest interest in me began to constantly ask to hang out. Every time we did, she asked me to buy her cigarettes."

"I did so, knowing pretty well that she was just using me to get her nicotine fix. We fooled around for several months, and then, you guessed it, she stopped showing any interest after her birthday passed."

"I wasn't upset, I knew the deal. I was just a glorified tobacco wh*re."

– Corninator

Puzzle Solved

"Hot girl said solving a Rubik’s cube is so attractive, so I took a whole weekend to learn how to do it. Couldn’t wait to show her. When I did at school on Monday she said 'oh that’s cool.' Didn’t get any play but now I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 30 seconds lol."

– Robiscoffee

Dog Bait

"Stupid college days."

"We would take my dog for a walk. Would hook his collar to a fishing pole let him run around and when girls would ooo and awww we would slowly reel him back in and they would come talk with us."

"Early 2000s college was weird."

– fakeguitarist4life

Fear Tactic

"I pretended to be afraid of flying once on a plane because the woman next to me was hot. Got her number and hooked up with her later."

"Edit: since people seem surprised this worked, I’m 2/2 on starting conversations with people on planes this way. The second I didn’t ask for her number though."

– Moonlight-gospel

The Amateur Baker

"Getting into a cake baking contest."

"Back in high school there was this girl I was into. She was taking cooking/baking classes and my dumb @ss decided to join, just to spend some time with her. Two weeks into it, there was going to be a contest between all participants, and I was nowhere near ready, but I said yes anyway because f'k it. I didn't come first, but... I got the prize I wanted."

– Acceptable_Tip1857

Sexy Nap Time

"Definitely not the weirdest thing, but I used to have a pretty dumb 'friend.' Every time she would come over I would run upstairs to my room and pretend I was napping."

"She would always let herself in and come up to my room and hop in bed to 'wake me up.' I got laid most of the time. I feel like if I was sitting downstairs with my roommates when she came over, it probably wouldn’t have happened as often."

– Rockyboy4444

Not every attempt was a success, but good of them for trying.

Worth The Effort

"I read books about van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezannes and a few others to impress a girl. Did not get laid but 25 year later had a blast at the Musee d'Orsay. Totally vindicated."

– aceh40

"Watched someone's rabbit for the weekend. Not only did I NOT get laid... They never came back for the rabbit. RIP floppy."

– Acceptable_Meal_5610

People will do anything for love.

And it's the lengths they'll go to get your attention that makes them sexier than the competition.

There are two camps of people when looking for love. Some wait for love to find them, and then others take the reigns to initiate a spark.

Which one are you?