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Couple Sends Out Wedding Invitations Full Of F-Bombs, And People Aren't Too Impressed

Couple Sends Out Wedding Invitations Full Of F-Bombs, And People Aren't Too Impressed

During an average lifetime, most people will receive so many wedding invitations that the actual words written on the page quickly fade out of memory.

One invitation, however, will live on long after the couple returns from their honeymoon.

Reddit user Lordchuckyd posted a picture of a wedding invitation that approached things in a very...unique way.

The invitation has gone viral for its colorful language, which many thought was hilarious but just as many labeled "trashy."

The invitation read (with colorful language censored):

"Hey F*** Face,"
"As you know, we got f***ing engaged and now we've got to plan a motherf***ing wedding. You're so f***ing amazing, you made the cut!"
"So...are you f***ing coming? F***yes? F*** no? F*** you?"
:Please arrive at 3:30 pm for a 4pm garden ceremony at our house."
"F*** off at 11:30pm."

The next page gave additional explicit details:

"S*** You Need To Know::
"Children: Leave your little s***s behind, we want to get f***ed."
:Dress Code: Wear what the f*** you like—smart casual—go butt f***ing naked for all we care."
"Hotels: Google you lazy f***"
"Taxis: As above."
"Parking: On a serious note, please park your car at your hotel."
"Wedding Gifts: If you did want to give a wedding gift, a small contribution to our honeymoon would be perfect."
"Dietary Requirements: Eat what the f*** you're given you fat f***s."

nathan_overton wasn't impressed by the couple's attempted joke:

"We get it . You know bad words geeze"

scanitall wasn't a fan either:

"That's an invitation that would go straight in the trash, where it belongs."

amthsts wouldn't have went to the wedding if she was invited:

"I gotta be honest, I could be the maid of honor spending 20k on this wedding and if I got this invite I'd decide to just not go at all. There's silly cheekyness and then there's just trying too hard."

CaptainSolo_, however, thought Reddit was being a bit hard on these strangers:

"Imagine, people who use the wedding invitations they like...guess none of you got invited. Let people have the wedding they want. It couldn't have less to do with you."

YayaMalli was on board until one particular line:

"They had me until the gift part. Thought that was a bit gauche."

ivel501 was ready to call the happy couple on their bluff:

"Sure, they say show up naked, and when I do it seems suddenly everyone DOES care.. I even would have spent time trimming my pubes and everything. Walk in all happy and all they can do is point and scream. Liars.. All of them."

foreskinfive thought this was his kind of event:

"Awesome! If I had a time machine, this is one of the things I'd go back and do"

sudowpa2 also thought the invite deserved some laughs:

"I thought it was hilarious. Gives me ideas."

MrsFraQ was pretty sure whose wedding they were invited to:

"Am I the only one that said that in Samuel L Jackson's voice?"

athenakona could imagine what this wedding would end up looking like:

"I would love to see the wedding photos"

Whether or not the invitation's f-bombs were a good idea, there's no doubting that these wedding guests will never forget it.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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