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Virus 'Truther' Has Epic Meltdown About Communism And Jesus After Being Pulled Over By Cop

Virus 'Truther' Has Epic Meltdown About Communism And Jesus After Being Pulled Over By Cop

It seems as though the anti-maskers and virus truthers are becoming more and more unhinged as the weeks wear on, and a new video of an elderly woman ranting at a cop certainly fits the bill.

After being cited by the cop for having an anti-vaccine sign blocking her back window, the woman rants and raves about Communism, Jesus and "work vans" (whatever those are) as the man filming her laughs at the display.

The video showed up on Twitter, where it has been viewed more than 13,000 times and counting.

The video was taken in Greenville, South Carolina—or "Communist Greenville, South Carolina" as the woman in the video calls it.

She's seen in her car, which is bedecked by American flags and posters that are not just anti-vaccine, but anti-testing for the virus that has caused the current pandemic.

The police officer speaks calmly and never so much as raises his voice, but the woman is irate nonetheless, demanding over and over again that he give her his badge number, and then insisting that he read it to her because she doesn't have her glasses on.

He then tells the woman there's no need to be upset, and she really loses it:

"Oh, no reason to get upset just because we're in communist Greenville, South Carolina?! I am not being disorderly! I have freedom of speech! You're being disorderly!"

The man filming can be heard laughing aloud at the phrase "communist Greenville."

The woman then launches into a lengthy rant about how "work vans" always have their windows obscured, so the officer should cite them.

When she gets no response from the officer, she delivers her monologue to the man filming her, who hilariously retorts:

"Nobody cares. You're annoying!"

Having run out of things to yell about, the woman resorts to hollering at the officer about Jesus.

"Jesus is more powerful than you!... I'll see you in court… and I'll pray for you in the meantime!"

On Twitter, many people couldn't help but laugh along with the guy filming the video.

But some others were disturbed by the woman's display.

And many pointed out that this altercation would have gone very differently for a non-white person.

No word on what Jesus thinks of all of the communism in South Carolina as of this writing.