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Viral Photo Of A Cat Who Lives In The Ceiling Harkens Back To One Of The OG Memes 😸


There's a cat who lives in an animal welfare league building that likes to make periodic appearances – from the ceiling.

Emma, a Scottish Twitter user and cat-enthusiast, shared a photo of the curious feline wanting a different perspective of humans down below and quickly became Internet gold.

However, the cat popping its furry noggin out like an upside-down Whack-a-Mole doesn't have the distinction of being the first "Ceiling Cat."

Emma referred to the era when "the internet was great," when the first Ceiling Cat was a viral sensation in 2006.

Like all things on the Internet, the trending meme enjoyed a brief moment in the spotlight before fading into the digital ether.

But the Ceiling Cat phenomenon is given life again, thanks to the mother of Emma's friend who made the discovery.

Since the original Ceiling Cat made its viral debut 12 years ago, the cat is probably reborn as the next incarnation of its nine lives. The baton has now been passed.

We're all wondering the same thing.

Naturally, people had genuine concerns for the cat's well-being, being an inhabitant of the animal welfare building and all.

Emma's post got over 71 thousand likes, proving that the Ceiling Cat once again reigns supreme over the Internet, for meow.

H/T - Twitter, DailyDot