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10 (Mostly) Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas for Under $30

You may want to even try to keep one of these for yourself.

10 (Mostly) Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas for Under $30
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White elephants are gifts, too! And these are sure to garner some good laughs and—dare we say—actually be useful. White elephant gifts are central to white elephant exchanges, also known as Yankee swaps or Dirty Santas. The objective of the game is to entertain rather than gain.

The term "white elephant" itself is a reference to a glitzy but ineffectual gift that's hard to get rid of. It originates from a legend about the King of Siam who was rumored to gift rare albino elephants to courtiers with whom he was not pleased so that they might be financially ruined by the cost of maintaining the flashy pachyderms.

Today, we play a much more lighthearted version--plotting someone's financial ruin seems a bit extreme. Here are our 10 best, not-so-terrible picks for funny white elephant gifts, all under $30.

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfasts just got a whole lot easier. This magical device prepares all the elements of a delightful breakfast sandwich in one fell swoop. They taste so much better melted and mushed together!

Buy on Amazon for $22.99

Watch Ya' Mouth!

There's never been a game that creates more laughs. Watch Ya' Mouth is perfect for your office or family white elephant grab bag since it's a game that's actually fun for all ages. Note: we highly recommend keeping some dental floss handy.

Buy on Amazon for $15.99

Floor Dusting Slippers

Keep it clean, keep it cute! Whether as a gag gift for your super stylish friend who might ironically wear these around the house to the messier members of your life who could take a hint that their floors need some help; life coaching not included.

Buy on Amazon for $11.99

Muffin Tops - You Are What You Eat?

If we are what we eat, then these silicone baking cups are taking it all too literally. . Although, in this case,"muffin bottoms" would be more apt.

Buy on Amazon for $9.52

Golden Girls Clue Board Game

Was it Dorothy in the garage with the lipstick? Or Blanche in Rose's Room with the heel? All we know is that whoever thought to merge these two classics; bravo! We've already bought this one for the office.

Buy on Amazon for $28.00

Pink, Portable and Affordable Mini Speaker

While it's not a kooky gift, it will likely be the one that gets swapped the most at the exchange. This mini speaker not only fits in your palm but also has great reviews. Be a hero and add this to the grab bag.

Buy on Amazon for $16.85

Cauldron Mug

Gives a whole new meaning to your morning brew! Horace Slughorn would approve.

Buy on Amazon for $16.85

Cat Hair Crafts

This is actually a meta gift. If you own a cat(s), buy this to learn how to create the best white elephant gift ever: cat figurines made from cat fur. "Happy Allergies...I mean HOLIDAYS!"

Buy on Amazon for $12.59

Dog Butt Magnets

Who would could get upset when they get these funny magnets at the holiday white elephant exchange? Our furry friends are cute from any angle, no butts about it.

Buy on Amazon for $10.95

Butt and Face Soaps

Oh, but the SHADE of it all. And, does anyone really keep these separate? Asking for a friend.

Buy on Amazon for $6.19

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