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Two Florida Middle School Girls Arrested In Plot To Murder Nine Classmates After Teacher Discovers Their 'Hit List'

Two Florida Middle School Girls Arrested In Plot To Murder Nine Classmates After Teacher Discovers Their 'Hit List'

Two students in Highland County, Florida were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder. The arrest came after a teacher found the 14-year-old girls' "hit list."

Avon Park Middle School students arrested for conspiracy to commit murder,

The girls were very worried when they had misplaced a folder in the teacher's classroom. The teacher noted the girls were acting "hysterical" and seemed worried they would get in trouble.

When the teacher found the folder and saw the notes inside, the school's resource officer was contacted. The folder had labels saying, "Private Info," "Do Not Open" and "Project 11/9."

Inside, eight pages detailed the girls' plan. They had a list of nine students they planned to target, ideas for luring them away one by one, and even how they planned to dispose of the bodies after.

This is not a joke.

Arrest records say,

"The plans identify the suspects would obtain firearms and use the firearms to kill the victims.

The plans further speak about the transportation of the victims' bodies to other locations and their disposal, specifically burning and burying their bodies."

The notes included what kinds of clothes the girls would wear, a reference to "traphouse in Sebring" and "5-8 guns."

One note showed their plan if they got caught.

"I'm just going to tell them it's a prank if they call me or if they find it."

On Twitter, people were divided on how to react to this story.

Since the girls are minors, their names have been withheld. The Highlands County School Board shared what information they could on their Facebook page to keep the record straight.

The post reads:

"In an effort to prevent any incorrect information from circulating we are sharing the following information:

At the end of the day yesterday two students were taken into custody at Avon Park Middle School after a teacher alerted law enforcement of a possible plan to harm others off campus.

All families involved have been contacted.

As this is an ongoing investigation no further details will be released at this time."

The girls face nine counts of conspiracy to commit murder and three counts of conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

This isn't the first incident of a child keeping a hit list this year. In February, a student in Humble, Texas, was arrested after he brought an 8-inch saw blade and a list of student names with him to school.

School officials made the discovery after being tipped off about a safety concern.