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Twitter's New 'Fleet' Feature Is Getting Roasted For Sharing The Same Name As A Popular Brand Of Enema

Twitter's New 'Fleet' Feature Is Getting Roasted For Sharing The Same Name As A Popular Brand Of Enema

Twitter announced they are introducing a new sharing format feature following the likes of Instagram Stories and SnapChat.

Testing will begin in Brazil and will allow users to share posts that will disappear within 24 hours.

But what has social media clenching with glee over the new feature is not so much the announcement itself.

Instead, they are giggling over the shared name with a bowel cleansing product.

Introducing: the "Fleet"—a riff on the fleeting nature of the disappearing post that also happens to be the name of an enema.

The company product leader, Kayvon Beykpour, explained that the new sharing format addressed "some of the anxieties that hold people back from talking on Twitter."

He added:

"There are also a few intentional differences to make the experience more focused on sharing and seeing people's thoughts."

One user instantly pointed out the saline laxative reference.

Others joked how Twitter was cleaning house.

Pride joined in on the roasting of Twitter and confirmed to queer readers that the platform made a connection with anal douching.

"Yes, you read that correctly. Fleets, like the infamous/popular enema brand that many queer people use to douche their intimate parts in preparation for anal sex."

Said "gay intern" speaks.

Tech Crunch described Fleets as Twitter's solution for safe engagement and as a way to give users uncomfortable with the platform's public nature more control over their interactions.

It is one way to combat a person's old tweet being dug up and used to antagonize them.

Aside from all the humor, some reactions were favorable.

While some could care less.

Fleets are still accessible to the public but will have limitations.
For instance, a Fleet will not circulate on Twitter's network, show up in searches and cannot be embedded on an external website. Unlike Stories, Fleets will not accept Likes, Replies or Retweets.
As for its appellation, there is no mention of Fleets being flushed down the toilet anytime soon.