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Twitter Posted A 'Be Sweet When You Tweet' Message That Turned Into An Instant Meme 😂

Twitter @Twitter, @ikpsgill1

Twitter has a problem with abusive accounts, and isn't the best at fighting hate speech and trolls on their platform.

But that might change after a simple tweet featuring a little guy holding up a sign that implored people to "Be sweet when you tweet."

The internet fell in love with the adorable smiling guy holding up his oversize sign.

This tweet seriously blew up, quickly going viral worldwide. Just look at his cute smile!

Of course, the internet pounced on the opportunity to create sizzling new memes too.

Some posted not-so-sweet-tweets about Twitter's lack of moderation.

The little guy's sign took many forms and displayed various messages throughout the day.

Some random guy ended up getting a job interview as a result of the tweet. Nice!

Overall, this tweet has pretty strong meme potential, and it certainly delivered. That said, some users made good points about how Twitter's lack of moderation isn't so "sweet" for some.

Let's hope the little guy and his sign actually inspires more civility and kindness on the internet!

H/T: Twitter, HuffPost