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People Are Now Hilariously Challenging Celebrities Who Are 31 Years Older Than They Are To A Fight Thanks To Justin Bieber

On Sunday, June 9, Justin Bieber shocked the world by sending out a tweet challenging veteran actor Tom Cruise to a fight in the UFC Octagon.

Following his example, Twitter users everywhere are setting their sights on actors 31 years older than themselves.

Bieber's tweet was unexpected to say the least.

But Hollywood had better watch out—once the gauntlet has been thrown, there's no use trying to avoid it.

Some of the challenged actors' fighting days are long behind them...but that wouldn't stop them from kicking the crud out of the average Twitter user.

If you think Tony Bennett would go down without throwing some big swings, you're sadly mistaken.

Some Twitter users got unluckily matched with truly dangerous fighters.

Would you be able to go toe-to-toe with a film icon like Barbra Streisand?

It doesn't matter how many great roles Jeff Goldblum has played.

Now its time to throw down.

Ian McKellen might be able to beat up Twitter user Kevin Sussman, but Sussman has another idea of how to win the competition.

...sort of.

Being 31 years older isn't always a disadvantage.

Prepare yourselves, stars, because Twitter users are coming for you and they're ready to rumble.