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Woman Threatens To Tell Her Ultraconservative Muslim Parents That Her Twin Sister Is A Stripper After People Keep Assuming That It's Actually Her

Woman Threatens To Tell Her Ultraconservative Muslim Parents That Her Twin Sister Is A Stripper After People Keep Assuming That It's Actually Her

Having a twin can come in handy sometimes when you want to play hilarious pranks on people who can't tell you apart.

But there are other times when it can cause real problems.

Like when your twin sister is a stripper at a local club, for instance.

Reddit user UnhappySet7 is stuck in this odd predicament. With many of her college classmates thinking she's a stripper because of her twin sister's job, she's wondering whether she should tell their conservative parents to make her sister stop.

She titled her story "WIBTA if i tell my ultraconservative muslim parents that my twin sister is a stripper?"

"My name is Katherine, and I have a twin sister lets call Sarah. My mom's grandparents and my dad immigrated to America from Malaysia and they're pretty religious, more so my mom and her grandparents and not so much my dad. All of them live here."
"We're pretty Americanized and I converted to Christianity (parents don't know) and I go to a different University as my sister. but my sister works at a strip club in the same city as my University, and to make matters worse, her stage name is Kitty Kat, so word has spread around that I'm a stripper. A lot of people don't believe me and people have said so many awful things about me. My twin sister looks basically identical to me."
"I've tried talking to my sister about it and she always just tells me to f*ck off and its her choice and right to work there. Ive tried being reasonable about it and she always dismisses me. Im getting pissed off as I've been so reasonable with her so I've told my sister that she needs to stop working there and if she doesn't I will be telling our parents."
"this has affected my social life greatly as I've always been a bit of a prude, i dress really conservatively and i don't sleep around or anything, not that i hate my sister for doing it but i don't want my reputation to change. Ive even got dms from people that i barely know obviously flirting with me, but really sexual and I think its pretty obvious they're just trying to smash, which happened right after she started working at this club so this is partially part of it."
"If i tell my parents that my sister is a stripper she'll be disowned and cut off financially. I don't want to do this but i have no choice if she continues to affect my life in a really negative way. This could also affect my chances of getting a scholarship and getting leadership positions here if they think I'm a stripper. Maybe I'm overreacting here idk but I'm about to tell my sister I'm going to tell our parents if she doesn't stop. I don't want to but i feel i have no choice"

Many Reddit users thought both sides were acting a bit obtuse.

"ESH (Everyone Sucks Here). Her for refusing to change her stage name. You because if you follow through you will put her in a position where she can't support herself."
"Have you thought about contacting the strip club? Tell them that she's your twin and she's using your name so she's basically using your identity. As their employer they should make it stop. See if a nice conversation can make this go away. If not maybe tell them legal action is in order... they'll likely make it stop as no one likes the negative publicity of a lawsuit. Same goes for your sister." -lifetimemoviewatcher

There were those, however, who thought OP should go through with her threat.

"If your sister is truly, intentionally using what amounts to your name for her act, then I'll go with NTA (Not The A**hole) because that's a dirty thing to do, and the repercussions are hers to deal with. She could have chosen any name, but specifically picked one that would put pressure on you, AND ensure that if your family finds out, they assume you're the one on stage before you get a chance to defend yourself."
"It's also an intentional threat to YOUR future by casting you in a light that could compromise your education. Give her one chance. Compose a text or an email: Hey, mom and dad, can you please tell Sarah to stop using my name as her stripper moniker? It's affecting my schoolwork and compromising my scholarship."
"DON'T SEND IT, yet, just show it to your sister and tell her she can either change her stage name, show up with you on campus so people realize you've got a twin and provide proof that she's the one employed by the club to protect your scholarships, should it come up, or you send it to your parents. Her choice."
"If she doesn't budge, hit send. She brought it on herself by using your name as her shield. (but don't be surprised if she turns around and tells your family that you've converted to take some of the heat off)" -VeryVeryTexan

Could OP be overreacting?

There are ways to prove she isn't her sister, after all.

"Anyone at school asks, say 'Yeah, that's my twin sister.' And show them a photo if you want to prove you have a twin. If they dont believe you, f*ck em. Not your problem, and why should you care what a random stranger who doesnt even believe you when you speak thinks of you?"
"If someone would think less of you for being a stripper, you don't want them around anyway. And if they actually have decency and respect you as a human being and not a flesh object for their gratification, they'll listen to you and believe you when you say it isnt you. Hell, if she doesnt mind, go take a selfie with your sister doing her whole thing in the background with a 'See? Not me!' Expression."
"Anyone who messages you sexually, block them. You can also start responding in defense of your sister. "That's my sister you're talking about. Dont be a dick." Or some variation thereof." -TinyCatCrafts

Others agreed OP needed to calm down and think of a better way to react before getting her sister kicked out of the family.

"I don't think you have to go that far. You could simply tell them it isn't you, and if they really think that, next time they go to that club or see the stripper (your sister) dancing, to text you and you can prove it. Then you respond immediately or take a photo of where you are at and it can't be the same person. Not the best solution, but that way you don't have to tell people your sister is a stripper, just that it isn't you."
"Also, for what it's worth, I think YTA (You're The A**hole) because your sister can live her life doing whatever she wants. It isn't her fault the people you know are AH and don't believe the truth. It isn't her fault folks are talking behind your back, and she shouldn't have to alter her life for those AH people around you. She isn't actually hurting you in any way, you're basically just embarrassed because of what she does and the fact that people think it is you who does it." -TripleJeopardy

One Reddit user put things in pretty simple terms.

"ESH. Gently, though. Your sister for using a name similar to yours as her stripper name, and you for threatening to tell your parents knowing the consequences that could greatly affect her too. It would be a big a**hole move to tell your parents." -jvalrod

After receiving advice from Reddit, OP returned to let people know she'd be taking a different path.

"EDIT: there's a common response here saying me telling my parents won't solve the problem, its not that i want to get her in trouble, its that I'm hoping this will get her to change her mind and stop. I guess its kind of like blackmail, regardless I will try to handle this differently." -UnhappySet7

It seems OP learned her lesson from her post and will be looking for a better way to handle the situation. Hopefully, she finds something that keeps both the family and her own sense of identity intact.