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Erotic Horror Actress Running For GOP Gov. Offers To Send Reporter 'Porn' In Bizarre Press Conference

Erotic Horror Actress Running For GOP Gov. Offers To Send Reporter 'Porn' In Bizarre Press Conference

Tudor Dixon—an erotic horror actress best known for roles in flicks like Buddy Bebop vs. The Living Dead—is the Republican Party's nominee for Governor of Michigan in the 2022 election. Dixon is being mocked after she offered to send a reporter pornography during a bizarre press conference.

Dixon called the press briefing outside the Michigan Department of Education building on September 20 to demand the resignation of state superintendent Michael Rice after she viewed a staff training video about LGBTQ+ students.

Dixon claimed the Michigan Department of Education "is actively training staff to help young kids transition and instructing them not to tell their parents, even if they are suicidal" and suggested schools are out of line on matters regarding gender and sexuality.

After warning schools are working round the clock to turn all their bathrooms into gender neutral ones, she announced if elected governor, she will support a statewide ban on “pornographic” material in school libraries.

Things became awkward after a reporter pressed her on her claim.

You can hear Dixon's remarks in the video below.

Dixon suggested banning "pornographic" material in school libraries is an example of true leadership.

“Leadership is being unafraid to say that if an adult is caught showing pornographic materials to children and talking to them about sex in school without their parents’ consent, that adult will be prosecuted just as they would be if they did it at the school bus."

When a reporter asked her how she defines pornography, Dixon replied:

"You need me to define 'pornographic'? I can if you want me to."
"Alright, so there's two naked people, and they are acting out a sexual act, and multiple different sexual acts."
"Do you want me to send you some so you can see them? That would be fine because I think it'd be a little awkward."

The moment quickly exposed Dixon to significant mockery online.

Last month, Dixon won the Republican gubernatorial primary with over 40 percent of the vote. Dixon's closest rival, businessman Kevin Rinke, received just 21 percent of the vote. Another opponent, Ron Kelley, made headlines after refusing to concede the primary despite finishing in fourth place.

Dixon was at one point a conservative commentator on the far-right channel Real America's Voice, where she promoted former Republican President Donald Trump's false claim of widespread voter fraud and that he actually won the 2020 presidential election.

Despite publicly pledging loyalty to Trump, Dixon has repeatedly dodged questions from reporters about whether or not she still believes Trump won the election over Democratic President Joe Biden.

Dixon has also been backed by Trump's former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who wrote a letter to Trump asking him to support Dixon whom DeVos declared "the only one who can stand toe to toe with" Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan's Democratic incumbent governor.