Trump Can't Stop Tweeting About Alabama And Hurricane Dorian, And Twitter Has Had Enough

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

What, for any other President, would have been brushed off as a slip of the tongue, President Donald Trump has turned his false claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama into a week-long scandal.

Trump first made the incorrect claim in a tweet on September 1, despite updated maps showing that Alabama would feel none of Dorian's effects. The National Weather Service and others corrected him and Trump's fixation began.

Trump unleashed an angry tweet at ABC News's Jon Karl for questioning his claim. Days later, the president displayed an outdated official forecast, sloppily altered with black permanent marker to include Alabama.

Backlash immediately ensued, and how has Trump responded?

Yup, he's still tweeting.

And tweeting.

And tweeting.

And tweeting AGAIN.

Even at the time of the writing of this article, Trump managed to tweet again in yet another rant.

And yet again:

Girl, just shut up about it!


Trump is incessantly sharing outdated forecasts to prove himself right. Even if week-old forecasts indicated that the hurricane might brush the tip of southwestern Alabama, does that excuse the fact that Trump himself altered a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration map (against federal law) to make the President look good?


What's more, he isn't even right, y'all.

People are seriously so over it.



25th Amendment anyone?


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