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Trump Slammed After Tweeting 'All Is Well!' Following Iranian Attack On Air Bases Housing U.S. Troops

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Americans were reeling on Tuesday night after Iran launched ballistic missiles against Iraqi military bases housing U.S. forces.

The strikes were in response to President Donald Trump's decision to launch an air strike to assassinate Iran's top military official, Qasem Soleimani, while Soleimani was visiting Iraq as a diplomat.

Initially, many Americans thought Iran's retaliation would pull the United States into yet another war in the Middle East.

As updates continued to surface, the President addressed his Twitter followers, and the first words of the tweet stood out for all the wrong reasons.

Ultimately, there were no reported casualties and the attacks inflicted minimal damage, with many of the missiles missing their targets.

Because ballistic missiles are guided in-flight, experts speculated that Iran deliberately avoided casualties and extensive damage, opting instead for a show of force against the United States.

While the lack of casualties was indeed a blessing, people didn't take kindly to the President saying "All is well!" in response to a crisis he created.

On Wednesday morning, the President addressed the nation and claimed Iran appeared to be standing down.

Trump also signaled that he would respond with sanctions instead of military force—a welcome reversal from his earlier threats to commit the war crime of bombing cultural sites within Iran.

To sum it up:

Are we great again yet?