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Image of Trump Supporters Protesting Shutdown Outside Ohio Statehouse Looks Straight Out Of A Zombie Movie

As social distancing regulations continue across the U.S. in an effort to flatten the curve and save lives from the global pandemic, some misguided citizens feel that reopening businesses is more important than their own safety.

These individuals tend to be Republican supporters of President Trump, who has also expressed his eagerness to end stay-at-home orders as soon as possible. Many of them have been gathering in large crowds outside of state houses to protest the government telling them not to do that very same thing for their own safety.

A picture taken of protestors in Columbus, Ohio, has many people online equal parts amused and terrified. With many wearing President Trump's well-known "Make American Great Again" hats, the crowd pushed up against the Ohio statehouse in a way that reminded many online of their favorite zombie movies.

Twitter was 100% prepared for these protesters to eat brains.

More than a couple movie references were made.

It goes without saying that these people, gathering in large crowds during a pandemic, were in fact in desperate need of brains.

These protesters would make much worse versions of our favorite horror stories.

Though studies have already shown how many states have managed to flatten the curve through their social distancing rules, these protesters are willing to risk their own lives and those of their loved ones.

There were a few people online who would have preferred actual zombies.

These protesters should be reminded that they're volunteering many strangers to die.

While the situation is difficult for Americans everywhere, governors on both sides of the aisle have made it clear social distancing practices will continue until health authorities have determined it is safe to relax them.