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Trump Sued For 'Inflicting Emotional Distress' After He Shared A Doctored Video Of 'Racist Baby'

Trump Sued For 'Inflicting Emotional Distress' After He Shared A Doctored Video Of 'Racist Baby'
Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images; Inside Edition/YouTube

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump shared a doctored video of two small children. Now the parents of the children are suing the President, his campaign, and the creator of the doctored video.

It started in June, when Trump shared a video of a Black child being chased by a White child. The video was edited to look like it came from CNN and claimed the White child was "racist" for chasing the other.

Trump was criticized for sharing the video at the time.

The original video was widely shared in 2019 because it showed the adorable children embracing each other ecstatically, like two friends who haven't seen each other in years.

But the doctored version takes a small portion of the clip where it looks like one is chasing the other and, according to the lawsuit, maliciously added a fake news banner.

The fake CNN chyron reads:

"Breaking News; Terrified Todler [sic] Runs from Racist Baby"

Both then and now, Trump's actions have angered a lot of people.

The video was doctored by a mega Trump supporter named Logan Cook, whose Twitter account has been suspended. It is unknown if the suspension is related to this current incident.

After being doctored and shared by Trump, the video received over 20 million views. According to the lawsuit, Trump is claimed to have done this to:

"Exploit the children's images for his own purposes and gain."

The lawsuit seeks damages for using their video without permission, as well as for "inflicting emotional distress."

Twitter has since disabled the video for violating copyright policy.

This isn't the first time Trump has gotten in trouble over his tweets. It's just usually less likely to result in a lawsuit.

Earlier this year, Trump tweeted that people in suburban neighborhoods wouldn't need to worry about "low income housing" being built in their neighborhoods. This is widely seen as a racist dog whistle.

While we can't stop Trump from tweeting or his supporters from saying their own stupid things, we can at least point out the problems.

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages in relation to the distress caused by the tweet. While the Trump Campaign has not publicly commented on the suit, it will still be interesting to see play out.