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Fran Drescher Recalls Trump's Script Change Request When He Appeared On 'The Nanny'—And It's Peak Trump

The Nanny/CBS

After people noted presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared in Home Alone 2, stories emerged about how he got the part and his demands.

But Home Alone 2 was not his only time appearing on screen to play himself.

Trump also appeared on the Manhattan set show The Nanny.

And series star Fran Drescher says there were demands made there too.

You can see a much younger Trump in the show clip here:

So what did The Donald want?

Drescher enlightened people during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers while promoting her new series Indebted. According to the star, Trump asked for a line in the script to be changed.

In the clip above, Drescher's character stands between actor Charles Shaughnessy and Trump and says:

"Oh, all you zillionaires are alike."

But the script originally called for Drescher to say:

"Oh, all you millionaires are alike."

After Trump saw the script, show co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson got a note from Trump's assistant that read:

"Mr. Trump is not a millionaire. He's a billionaire, and we'd like you to change the script."

Whether Trump really was a billionaire in 1996 is unclear, but in order to get The Donald to appear in the episode, he wanted it said that he was. Drescher however thought the word "billionaires" was out of character for a nanny from Queens.

Eventually they came to a compromise.

Drescher recalled:

"We asked them if it would be OK if we wrote 'zillionaire' and [Trump] said that was fine."

Seth Myers also joked:

"Also that note, from his 'assistant', [Trump] wrote that."

You can watch Drescher's full appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers here.