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Rudy Giuliani Hilariously Dragged For Using His YouTube Channel To Sell Cigars And Gold Coins


Things have been difficult lately for former New York mayor and current President Donald Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

He was duped on camera by Sascha Baron Cohen, his scalp oozed brown liquid during a press conference, he held a presser next to a sex shop at a landscaping company, had a few flatulent moments on camera and lost lawsuit after lawsuit in a desperate attempt to keep his boss from admitting he lost to Joe Biden by over 7 million votes.


Whether it's because times are tough or he's still waiting for his check from Donald Trump to clear, Giuliani started some new ventures. The Recount shared the good news on social media that Giuliani embarked on a new money making scheme.

You can see Giuliani shill cigars and gold coins here:

In the midst of accusing Biden of being the head of a "crime family," Giuliani paused to say:

"If you want a good cigar, go to a good cigar shop."
"You want the best? Go to Famous Smoke Shop."
"Let Famous Smoke deliver your favorite cigars right to your doorstep at America's lowest prices."

Giuliani then urged viewers to drop his name for special deals from American Hartford Gold in a second ad.

"Tell them Rudy sent you!"

People were amused by Giuliani's latest gig and speculated on why he was doing it.

With Trump's presidency coming to an end, it's understandable Giuliani is looking to branch out. Whether cigar and coin salesman is the best fit is unclear.