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Trump Roasted After Video Of Him Asking Mar-A-Lago Members To Clap For Him Goes Viral

Trump Roasted After Video Of Him Asking Mar-A-Lago Members To Clap For Him Goes Viral
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Former Republican President Donald Trump reached a dubious milestone over the weekend. He unseated one of his arch-enemies, fellow 2016 Republican Primary contender Jeb Bush, as the latest GOP politician to go viral for having to beg an audience for applause.

A new video clip posted by the Twitter account PatriotTakes shows Trump appearing at his Mar-A-Lago club in Florida to little fanfare—until he instructs those there to clap for him.

The scene struck many as... well, pathetic frankly, and they're dragging him to filth for it.

See the moment below.

The incident occurred during Sunday brunch at Mar-a-Lago in one its dining rooms. As diners looked on and waiters passed by, Trump could be seen hovering in what appeared to be a back hallway, wearing one of his signature, Chinese-made "Make America Great Again" ballcaps.

After surveying the crowd for a moment and not liking what he saw, Trump waved his arms in the air to instruct the diners to clap for him. When they obliged, clapping and cheering, he gave them a thumbs-up.

Of course, people couldn't help but be reminded of the deeply cringe moment during a 2016 campaign stop when Jeb Bush, former Republican Governor of Florida and brother of former Republican President George W. Bush, delivered what he seemed to think would be a big applause line to no response whatsoever.

He infamously replied, by instructing the attendees to "please clap," his voice full of palpable disappointment.

That moment all but sank Bush's 2016 Presidential run, who was previously believed to be the front-runner in the Republican primary that year despite a fairly obvious lack of enthusiasm in the electorate.

There's no telling just yet whether Trump's "please clap" moment has similar portents, of course, but people on Twitter certainly had a field day dragging him for it regardless.

Here's hoping Trump slinks off the political scene the way he slinks away from the dining crowd in this video.