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Trump Legal Adviser Gets Dragged After Sharing An Obnoxiously False Teddy Roosevelt Quote

Tom Williams/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's legal team continues to embarrass him both in person and online.

On Twitter, Jenna Ellis, one of the President's legal advisors, tweeted this supposed Theodore Roosevelt quote:

"To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth."

Ellis' "quote" was quickly debunked.

After checking with the Theodore Roosevelt Association, Reuters could find no evidence that Teddy Roosevelt had ever said these words or anything like them.

After being called out, Ellis returned to Twitter to proclaim while her quote about honesty was a lie, the idea seemed true to her.

Twitter couldn't believe Ellis had shared a fake quote to try and shame liberals for their "lies" then justified it because it felt true to her.

This incident is only the latest in a string of bizarre moments created by the Trump legal team.

And anyone with even a cursory knowledge of Theodore Roosevelt and his relatively progressive platform would be suspicious of a quote like this coming from him.

The internet, inspired by Ellis, made up some of their own Roosevelt quotes.

Ellis should just be thankful Teddy Roosevelt isn't still around to give her a stern talking-to...

...but Roosevelt's great-grandson was.

Theodore Roosevelt V shared his own "quote" in response to Ellis.

If Donald Trump was hoping today would be the day his legal team finally pulled themselves together, he's in for some bad news.

Perhaps tomorrow?