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Don Jr. Brags About Publishing Jeanine Pirro's New Book—Then Immediately Gets The Title Wrong

Donald Trump Jr. had the Fox News host on his 'Triggered' podcast to talk about her new book 'Crimes Against America,' and immediately flubbed the title.

Twitter screenshot of Jeanine Pirro and Donald Trump Jr.
Triggered with Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. faced an embarrassing moment during a recent episode of his Triggered podcast.

While hosting Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro to promote her new book Crimes Against America, Trump Jr. mistakenly referred to the book as Crimes Against Humanity.

Although he quickly corrected himself, this incident adds to a string of recent blunders on his podcast, including an inadvertent attack on his own father. The mishap highlights the challenges faced by untrained public figures in maintaining accuracy and professionalism during media appearances.

You can hear what Trump Jr. said in the video below.

Trump Jr. claimed there are "many people out there trying to censor the conservative voice, trying to dummy that down, trying to prevent it from getting out there" and introduced Pirro as a "longtime friend of the family" and someone who cannot "easily be silenced."

Then he asked:

“So Jeanine, first off, what made you decide to write another book and what will readers learn from ‘Crimes Against Humanity’?”

Trump Jr. realized his error and laughed it off—but he was swiftly mocked for another on-air error.

Promotional materials for Pirro's book tout it as "an unmatched indictment against Joe Biden, his administration, and far-left ideologues who have sought to change our way of life by fundamentally transforming America as we know it."

The book is marketed as a "must-read for any American who wishes to preserve our Republic for future generations!"

Given the contentious nature of the topics covered and Pirro's history of controversial statements, it is likely the book will spark heated debates and further divide public opinion.

Pirro's incendiary remarks and on-air conduct have consistently generated substantial attention.

Her tendency to downplay the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic, debase immigrant children by denigrating them as a "lesser form of humanity," disseminate baseless assertions about immigrants introducing a plethora of diseases into the United States and abruptly terminate interviews with guests who express admiration for President Joe Biden has not gone unnoticed.