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Trump Claims White House Doctor 'Loved Looking At My Body' While Bragging About His Health At CPAC

Trump Claims White House Doctor 'Loved Looking At My Body' While Bragging About His Health At CPAC

Former President Donald Trump was widely mocked after he claimed that Representative Ronny Jackson, a Texas Republican who previously served as the White House doctor during the Trump administration, "loved looking at my body" while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas over the weekend.

Trump claimed that Jackson told him that he was "the healthiest president that ever lived" and that Jackson had noted that his body was "so strong and powerful."

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Trump said:

"Ronny Jackson, my doctor... where is Ron? Where's Ronny?"
"He was the White House doctor. He was a great doctor. You know, he was an admiral, a doctor, and now he's a congressman."
"I said, 'Which is the best, if you had your choice?' And he sort of indicated doctor because he loved looking at my body. It was so strong and powerful."
"But he said I'm the healthiest president that's ever lived. I was the healthiest."

Trump's comments quickly weirded out the online community, who mocked him for his comments.

Jackson is one of the most dedicated Trump acolytes in Congress.

Last August, Jackson claimed Biden is no longer “cognitively prepared to be our president,” joining the chorus of Republicans who criticized Biden over his administration's handling of the crisis in Afghanistan that unfolded when the Taliban stepped into the power vacuum following the fall of Kabul.

At the time, Jackson said the United States is "looking horrible right now on the world stage" and called for him to resign because "it’s time for him to move on and it’s time for somebody else to do this job."

Just months before, Jackson sent a letter to Physician to the President Kevin O’Connor and Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci demanding that Biden take a cognitive test. 14 House Republicans also signed the letter.

Jackson has been a largely controversial figure since his days as the White House doctor. During a January 2018 press briefing, Jackson vouched for Trump's health, saying his neurological functions are excellent and assuring the press corps that he would be able to serve his entire term.

Jackson was widely mocked after adding that Trump likely had "incredible genes" that allowed him to remain healthy despite a lack of exercise and a taste for fast food.