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REPORT: Trump Hopes To Face Off Against Hillary Clinton In 2020

REPORT: Trump Hopes To Face Off Against Hillary Clinton In 2020

President Trump took to Twitter Monday morning to show how confident he feels about being reelected in 2020, and to express his hope that he'll get to face off with Hillary Clinton once more, despite Clinton's claim that she's done with public office.

"I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, 'I hope so!'" the tweet read.

It's unclear why Trump is so concerned with the 2020 election, considering that we aren't even a year into his first term, which Twitter was quick to point out:

But there could be a logical reason:

Perhaps Trump needs to be reminded that Clinton confirmed she was done with public office back in September during an interview with CBS' Jane Pauley.

Regardless, Trump seemed to be in a boastful mood on Monday, praising himself for rises in the stock market and a drop in unemployment. "Since Election Day on November 8, the Stock Market is up more than 25%, unemployment is at a 17 year low & companies are coming back to U.S.," he wrote in one tweet.

"The U.S. has gained more than 5.2 trillion dollars in Stock Market Value since Election Day! Also, record business enthusiasm," he claimed in another tweet.

Despite his triumphant pat-on-the-back attitude, his hopes of squaring off against Clinton in 2020 seem highly unlikely. But that's not to say that Democrats don't face a potentially steep hurdle to take back the White House, regardless of the scandals that have already enveloped the Trump administration.

Trump's widespread popularity managed to crack through the so-called "Blue Wall" in several key states in 2016, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Despite Clinton winning the popular vote by over 3 million votes, Trump's focus on these battleground states proved effective enough to win the electoral college, and, consequently, the presidency.

Meanwhile, Clinton continues to place blame for her loss on a variety of factors, including sexism, Bernie Sanders, Russian interference, and, most recently, former FBI director James Comey.

There's always a chance Clinton could have a change of heart in the next three years, however.

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