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PHOTOS: Trump 'Fake News' Halloween Costumes Ideas

PHOTOS: Trump 'Fake News' Halloween Costumes Ideas

The horrors of politics have taken on a new look this Halloween season. Costumes of Donald Trump and other political figures are now buried in the past while political topics have manifested for alternative spooking.

Jeff Watton, the chief financial officer of which conjured up last season's “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing “Donna T. Rumpshaker,” said that interest in Trump and White House costumes sales have slipped this year.

Instead, 45's trending slogan - "Fake News" - is making the rounds as a costume. It's the stuff of nightmares that's flying off the shelves.


The tank dress printed with various news headlines has a yuge "FAKE" stamp emblazoned across the front. It's creative, sardonic, and will set you back $55. Now you'll be able to "Spread all the alternative facts," according to Yandy's website.

And customers are doing just that.

Nothing sells fake news better than its incarnate. According to Yandy, the item keeps selling out and has already racked up $100,000 in revenue.

Watton says the trending costume idea is "more of the political environment around the Trump campaign and things that have become synonymous with this administration.”

It's fake news from every angle.So why the sudden lack of interest in donning Trump wigs this year? Apparently, parading around as a misogynistic and racist political figure is not funny anymore.

Washington's premiere theatrical costume shop "The American Backstage Company" has noticed the change.

“No one has touched my Trump wigs or masks for Halloween this year,” said manager Rip Claassen. “Everyone is a bit too disgusted with politics lately.”


Other companies like have come up with their own jab at politics. They're hawking $20 T-shirts with the words "Russian Hacker" on the front and "I voted" on the back.

T-shirt that says "Russian Hacker." 

When asked if the political theme of the "Fake News" tank dresses could border more on the offensive than funny, Watton is not worried. “For our consumer, I don’t think they take the costumes too seriously, and we try to take ourselves not too seriously when it comes to this time of year.”

The sales spook for themselves.

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