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Trump Forgets He Claimed To Have 'World's Best Memory' In Spectacular Self-Own During Deposition Video

Trump Forgets He Claimed To Have 'World's Best Memory' In Spectacular Self-Own During Deposition Video
Mother Jones/YouTube

Donald Trump owned himself in a deposition video telling lawyers he can't remember his claim of having one of the world's greatest memories despite recorded proof of the statement.

Attorney Jorge Forge, asked Trump if he remembered the statement made just weeks earlier on NBC however contrary to his greatest memory boast Trump said:

"I don't remember that. As good as, as good as my memory is."
"I don't remember that. But I, I have a good memory."

Watch the video below.

The clip is part of a 26 minute deposition video captured in Trump Tower at the end of 2015. The video shows an attorney questioning Trump over fraud accusations and a class-action lawsuit against his now defunct Trump University.

Not long after moving into the White House, President Trump paid out $25 million in a settlement for the fraud victims.

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel finalized the multimillion dollar settlement in 2018 despite accusations from Trump claiming that Judge Curiel was biased due to having Mexican ancestry as Trump made attacking Mexican immigrants a cornerstone of his campaign speeches.

During the deposition video Trump was careful to say none of his statements were "false." Instead, he defended the exaggerations as "innocent" and "hyperbole." When the attorney continues questions about operations of the former "University" Trump's world-best memory seems to fail him again as he claims he could not recall.

A pattern emerged as Trump claimed the "University" had:

"a lot of very good instructors"


"I've heard good things" about them.

When asked about these great instructors though memory again fell flat and the President was unable to name a single one.

Mother Jones was the first to obtain the video from a source. The authenticity was able to be confirmed by Art Cohen a California businessman and a lead plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Trump University and Donald Trump himself.

Of the videos Cohen stated:

"On this video, Trump's shifty memory and dishonest character are exposed when he is faced with questions that demand the truth."

Twitter certainly noticed Trump's "shifty memory".

Other users could not get past the image that happened when the glasses came out.

For those who have trouble remembering the internet is a great resource. It's also easier to remember what's true if you don't lie. Maybe someone can explain that to Trump soon.