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Bernie Sanders Just Shut Trump's Press Secretary All the Way Down After She Boasted About Donating Trump's Salary to Coronavirus Response

Bernie Sanders Just Shut Trump's Press Secretary All the Way Down After She Boasted About Donating Trump's Salary to Coronavirus Response
Drew Angerer/Getty Images // Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

One of the few campaign promises President Donald Trump appears to have kept during his tenure as President has been donating his salary to various charities and initiatives over the tenure of his presidency.

That's one of the first talking points employed by Trump's allies, who conveniently ignore the ample evidence that Trump continues to profit from his businesses both foreign and domestic, and his golf trips alone have cost around 287 years' worth of presidential salaries.

That didn't stop White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham from taking to Twitter to boast that the President would be donating this quarter's portion of his $400,000 salary to the Department of Health and Human Services for research against the growing coronavirus outbreak.

But Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) took a break from a busy Super Tuesday schedule to point out that Trump seeks to do a lot more harm than good to government entities looking to curb the spread of the virus.

Trump's latest budget proposes $3.3 billion worth of cuts to government health services—or 8,355 years of presidential salaries.

Bernie wasn't the only one to point out the hollowness of Trump's gesture.

First of all, the President is still making money, you guys.

How's he making this money? By spending taxpayer dollars at his golf courses and resorts.

What's more, refusing a salary from the people one works for removes a layer of accountability.

If the President refuses payment from taxpayers, he can feasibly claim that because he's not receiving payment from them, he isn't beholden to them.

This would explain a lot of the President's more deplorable actions.

For a deeper look into Trump's corruption, Sinking in the Swamp is available hereis available here.

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