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Trump's All-Caps 'TREASON?' Tweet In Response To Times Op-Ed Practically Memes Itself πŸ˜‚

Photo by Alex Edelman/ Pool/Getty Images

An anonymous op-ed piece written by an administration official in the White House had Donald Trump spitting and hissing like a cat on a hot tin roof Wednesday night.

The article, published by The New York Times, comes on the heels of the new book, Fear by celebrated Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward and a released tape of Woodward and Trump discussing the fact that no one on Trump's staff seemed to keep him informed on the book or an interview opportunity.

With the book, the tape, and the op-ed piece, one thing has become more and more clear: Trump is becoming an island unto himself. In response, the President has become increasingly erratic, lashing out and giving incoherent, self-congratulating speeches that meander off topic as he repetitively gives himself praise.

At least his latest tweet was short and simple if not highly inaccurate.


He asked and the people answered. Boy did they answer.

You may want to get some popcorn; we're gonna be here a while.

It might be time for Trump to take a time out.

H/T: Vox, New York Times