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Transphobes Ripped For Trying To Claim Daniel Radcliffe's Pregnant Girlfriend Is Secretly Trans

The 'Harry Potter' star has been dating girlfriend Erin Darke for over 10 years.

Erin Darke and Daniel Radclifffe
Araya Doheny/Getty Images

Inciting the most exaggerated of eyerolls, transphobes are coming for LGBTQ+ allies Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend of 10 years Erin Darke, but their ignorant claim isn't even the burn they think it is.

Radcliffe has been public and unapologetic on his stance of protecting and advocating for the trans community as well as with his involvement in the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ+ youth.

The Harry Potter star even called out outspoken transphobic Harry Potter author JK Rowling for her public hate-spewing against trans people on social media.

But now it looks like Rowling's fellow TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) muggles are determined to undermine and baselessly attack Radcliffe and his girlfriend... in the most ignorant way possible.

Proud TERF and A Fool's Circle author Suzanne Seddon created a πŸ’©storm amongst like-minded "gender critical" bigots on Twitter when she posted a photo of Radcliffe with Darke, who is pregnant, with the caption:

"This is Daniel Radcliffes (Harry Potter) Girlfriend."

Thanks for telling us who Daniel Radcliffe is.

"Now what do you see? πŸ₯΄"

Implying Darke is transgender because she is *gasp* taller than her 5'5" boyfriend, Seddon rallied the transphobic troops who immediately chimed in.

And their responses were just as empty and callow as the original tweet.

Others, however, were quick to call out Seddon and her flock for their ignorance, many also noting calling someone "trans" isn't an insult, anyway.

Lose-lose losers.

Several even took the opportunity to answer Seddon's question, "Now what do you see?"

Hey, she asked...

Seddon's Twitter account is now locked.

Another L for transphobes everywhere.