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Train Conductor Unloads On Passenger For Making Racist Comments To TikTokers In Hijabs

After TikToker @mrwa043 captured the woman making racist and Islamaphobic remarks on video on a train to Hartford, Connecticut, the train conductor stepped in to tell the woman never to ride his train again.

TikTok screenshots of passenger and conductor

A conductor on a train to Hartford, Connecticut stepped in and banned a ranting Islamaphobic racist from ever stepping foot on his train again and it was all caught on video.

Sadly, TikToker @mrwa043 and her mother were the victims of the woman's hate speech, but thankfully the conductor stepped in after multiple passengers alerted him of the situation.

In the caption, @mrwa043 wrote:

“This lady verbally attacked my mother and I on a train to Hartford yesterday evening."

She also wrote she and her mother were already seated when the woman took her seat and began "shouting how Obama’s to blame for letting foreign exchange students into this country."

The woman continued, rambling about "illegal people" overstaying their visas, but when she became louder and belligerent, the TikToker began to record.

The video started after the woman ranted about "White supremacy, FGM, and the sexualization of children."

She can be heard saying:

“Smells like feces eaters, doesn’t it?”

She then began talking about "sexualizing children" before the train conductor stepped in and unloaded:

“Don’t talk to them like that."
“You need to get off the train. Get off the train.”

The woman responded:

“I’m not getting off the train because I said I don’t sexualize children."

She continued to deny any wrongdoing despite the other passengers' complaints and refused to get off the train.

The conductor warned the woman:

“Look at me."
“You will never ride my train again. I will look at you and tell you you cannot ride, you understand that?"
"I cannot physically remove you, but I can stop you from getting on. Do not talk to passengers that way."
“Get off in Hartford and do not ever get on my train again. You see me, walk away.”

You can watch the TikTok below.


HIJABIS VERBALLY ATTACKED ON TRAIN tiktok work your magic plz🙏🏽 This lady verbally attacked my mother and I on the train to Hartford yesterday evening. We were sitting next to each other, minding our business, when this lady got on the train and sat next to us. As she took her seat, she looked at us and started shouting how Obama’s to blame for letting foreign exchange students into this country. She made comments on how, in her opinion, they overstay their visas and don’t have a right in this country. She blamed law enforcement for not checking up on the status of “these illegal people”. That’s when my mom mother turned to me and asked me “does she think we’re students”? I laughed at her a question and said “I don’t know”. We made a decision to ignore her ignorant commentary. However, she became increasingly more belligerent as she talked about white supremacy, FGM, and the sexualization of children. I made the decision to record her as we feared for our safety. Several passengers defended us and told her to stop. Some passengers got off the train and informed train workers. I want to THANK them and the guy working on the train from the bottom of my heart for standing up for us. They are our heroes!!! Thank you for doing what’s right!!#viral #fyp #muslimtiktok #hijabitiktok #hijabis #buzzfeed #islam #islamictiktok #blacklivesmatter #awareness #racism #explore #trending #connecticut #newyork #viralvideo #viraltiktok

Viewers expressed their disgust at the woman's behavior as well as their dismay the creator and her mother had to endure such hate.






Several also commended the conductor for stepping in and calling the woman out.






Per Yahoo! News, the Connecticut Department of Transportation spokesman said the victims did not file formal complaints and the conductor alerted his chain of command of the incident.

The spokesman added the conductor stayed with the women for the duration of their commute “to make sure the women felt comfortable so they were able to get to their destination."

He said:

“Our public transportation system, whether it’s buses or trains, are safe, welcoming and inviting spaces, and if there is someone or something that’s not making it a safe and welcoming environment, we expect staff to step in."
“The conductor did a great job of de-escalating the situation, protecting those who were filming the video, and also everyone else on those rail cars, and directly confronting the person and letting them know it wasn’t OK.”

Bravo for stepping up, sir.