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WATCH: Tomi Lahren Delivers Christmas Message for 'Melting Snowflakes'

WATCH: Tomi Lahren Delivers Christmas Message for 'Melting Snowflakes'

Conservative political TV commentator and former television host Tomi Lahren has a harsh, angry Christmas message for people she refers to as "melting snowflakes" -- a message that is in anything but the Christmas spirit. Speaking from her latest pulpit, Fox News Insider's "Final Thoughts" video series, Tomi demonstrated that if you don't agree with the things she thinks, she will delegitimize your perspective by calling you a snowflake.

In the segment, she began her tirade on what she calls "special snowflake syndrome" with the intention of offending:

It’s time for a special Christmas edition of Final Thoughts. It may be winter, but it’s still melting season…snowflake melting season, that is.

Uh oh, have I already offended you?

With a sharp tongue, Tomi then went on to deliver an extensive list of all the ways she considers someone a snowflake, via their political beliefs:

If you think borders, walls, and immigration laws are mean, you are a snowflake.

If recognizing the “Islam” in radical Islamic terrorism offends you, you are a snowflake.

If you think an AR-15 is a military assault rifle, you are a snowflake.

If you have never bought, shot, or touched a firearm but insist you are an expert on gun policy, you are a snowflake, and terribly misinformed.

If the American flag and the National Anthem offend you, you are a snowflake and you should take your snowflake booty and relocate to another country since you clearly don’t appreciate this one.

And last but not least, if you are more concerned with what our president tweets than the great things he’s doing for jobs, GDP, the stock market, border and national security, you are for dang sure a snowflake.

But the people of Twitter are not having it with Tomi's strongly misguided opinions.

People have lost their patience with her constant criticisms and insults, which seem to be more for show than intrinsic core values weakened by her inconsistent positions.

Case in point, Tomi cares about the military when a black professional football player kneels during the anthem, but not so much when Trump is soft on Nazis and white supremacists.

Tomi really does seem to be missing out on the Christmas cheer -- what a grump!

Is she intentionally being mean to please her audience?

She made at least one glaring mistake in her speech.

Perhaps Tomi herself is the real snowflake if she can't handle people exercising their first amendment rights as much as she does.

The irony couldn't be more obvious -- she was wearing a sweater with a snowflake on it.

This retired Marine believes Tomi is the real snowflake, and he really wants her to stop talking.

Someone even gave her a new nickname.

And watch out for those avalanches!

Maybe Tomi should go back to the source of the word.

That's when snowflake takes on a whole different meaning.

Someone else suggests that Tomi is actually a "Trumpflake."

This person makes it painfully obvious just how little Tomi Lahren works, aside from yelling at others for not working harder.

She is definitely not in the Christmas spirit.

Speaking of Scrooge, she does sound a lot like him...

Just look at that face!

Looks like someone really needs more of the love of Jesus in their life.

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