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TikToker Weirded All The Way Out After Getting Increasingly Unhinged Texts From His Date's Mom

TikToker Weirded All The Way Out After Getting Increasingly Unhinged Texts From His Date's Mom

Meeting someone from a dating app can be either be an exciting or downright terrifying experience.

Sometimes, in order to end up with the perfect match, you must look beyond a hot profile pic. Because you never know what kind of crazy is lurking behind the eyes of someone who's caught your attention.

When it comes to dating horror stories, TikToker @trustmeimaexpert had it in spades.

He chronicled his sour experience in a three-part TikTok saga after being matched with a guy on Tinder whose "mother" eventually got involved after @trustmeimaexpert rejected him.

If first impressions matter, the date's first words to him definitely raised the first of many red flags.

When the date saw the TikToker in person for the first time after agreeing to go out on a dinner date, the guy told him:

"Oh wow, you remind me a lot of my uncle."


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The TikToker skipped details from the actual date and got to the absolutely bonkers part involving the date's mother.

The clip's background featured a text exchange with someone claiming to be the guy's mother, who refused to accept the fact the TikToker rejected her son—citing incompatibility—and demanded he "enter into a relationship" and marry him.

The message read:

"This is ___, the mother of ___. You took my son on a date a couple of weeks ago and told him that you two were not compatible."
"I must say I was quite devastated when my son returned home from the outing and was not engaged to the man that he loves so I am reaching out to you to request that you enter into a relationship with my son and immediately begin planning a wedding of which I will be paid 50/50 between the two families."



@trustmeimaexpert questioned if the demanding message was a joke, adding:

"I don't have any interest in dating your son. He said a bunch of things that were honestly really strange and off-putting and I don't feel any form of connection between us."

The "mother," refusing to take "no" for an answer, fired back, saying:

"There is no joking when it comes to my son's love."

She went on to say her son had pictures of the TikToker displayed in his room and was determined to tie the knot with him.

To cement this plan, the mother said she and her son intended to visit his place of work the next day "to discuss things in person" and show him the ring they purchased.


Already mortified, the TikToker asked them not to visit him as it would be considered harassment. He also said he didn't plan on marrying any time soon since he recently lost his fiancé.

"This is the part that gets me though," he said, before reading the mother's reply.

It read:

"He informed me that you had the loss of a fiancé and while that is regrettable your focus now needs to be to ignore the past and focus on what you need to do to make you happy."

The mother added they will visit his office at approximately 1:30 p.m. to speak to him in person.


The initial video received over 650,000 views.

But he was not finished sharing his wackadoodle story.

In a "Part 2" clip, @trustmeimaexpert said the mother and her son never came to visit the office, but he received another disturbing text from the mother using a different number.

This time, the mother threatened legal action if he didn't remove the initial TikTok video after she was displeased to learn it went viral.


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The mother said she was messaging him from another phone after discovering he had blocked her main number. She said she and her son were "appalled" at the TikToker for thinking it was "okay to treat your husband and mother-in-law in such a manner."

She continued saying she made notations in her notebook of each person who left a comment on the initial video and planned on taking "proper legal action" against them if he didn't remove the video.


After telling him he was being an "embarrassment" to the family and to her "husband," she demanded he buy her son a new vehicle that is valued at nothing under $35,000 to correct his "mistakes."

The TikToker's response read, "Go f'k a cactus."

Being keen on the fact he was being messed with, he consulted a friend who worked for the police department who then shared the TikToker's text thread with a detective.

Lo-and-behold, the detective imparted this was not the first time the family has done something like this.

The detective told the TikToker the same mother harassed a man who rejected her daughter three or four months ago.

But instead of demanding a new vehicle to make amends, she asked for a lakehouse.



The TikToker was informed the mother and her daughter took a "probationary plea to get out of jail" after allegedly being charged with harassment and stalking.

In the final installment of the thrillogy, @trustmeimaexpert lauded his followers for accurately predicting what was happening.

The detective, assigned to the case now, called him to explain that he reached out to the woman's probation officer. The PO asked the woman to show him her phone, which she did without question.

It turns out there was no record of the text messages and no record of the TikTok app ever being downloaded on her phone.

This indicated the son faked his mother's number by downloading the TextNow app and messaging the TikToker "just to mess with [him]" because he couldn't handle the rejection.


Several TikTokers had a hunch this might be the case after watching the first video.


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As an epilogue after much demand, @trustmeimaexpert finally spilt the tea on their date while he was on his way to another date.

After he and the guy had been chatting for about two or three weeks, they met at a seafood restaurant since the guy expressed interest in wanting seafood.

When the guy got out of the car and saw the TikToker in person, he was impressed because he thought the TikToker resembled his uncle.

"That's both exciting and attractive to me," he told the TikToker.

@trustmeimaexpert admitted that compliment was "a little bit weird," but proceeded with the date anyway as he was hungry and was determined in getting "oysters on the half-shell."

The date went downhill from there when the date said he wanted to order chicken fingers.


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"I'm pretty sure this dude was a couple of crayons shy of a full box… I had to explain to this man that chicken tenders are not seafood," said the TikToker, who was perplexed because the guy was the one who suggested they go to a seafood restaurant.


He finally convinced him to order oysters on the half-shell. When they arrived, the guy slurped an oyster while making eye-contact with him and commented on how good it felt going down his throat.

The date continued, and the TikToker said he did not feel any connection to him at all whatsoever.

Before parting ways, he told him he really didn't feel compatible with him, to which the guy responded with:

"Oh my God, my mom is not going to like hearing about this."

And then he said:

"Where are you going to take me to suck my d'k?"




Hopefully, the TikToker had a much better experience on his next dating prospect.