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Terrified TikToker Documents As The Same Car Keeps Passing Her While She's Out For A Jog

Terrified TikToker Documents As The Same Car Keeps Passing Her While She's Out For A Jog

A TikToker reminded everyone that it was better to be safe than sorry after noticing a man in a car allegedly following her around.

Avid runner and TikTok user Samantha MacIntyre was training for a marathon on her usual eight mile running path, and filming short clips to share and help motivate others on her platform.


PSA trust your gut :)

But as she finished her fifth mile, MacIntyre suddenly noticed a strange car was following her.

In a video that has now gone viral with almost 10 million views, the 24-year-old first shares details of her outfit, playlist, and physical stamina, before switching gears and addressing the frightening situation she found herself in.

MacIntyre explained in the video:

"There's a guy in a red car that's driven by me twice."
And every time he drives by me, he has his arm out the window and he's, like, looking behind when he's driving by.
It's making me really nervous.

She explained that she was documenting what was happening just in case, and described the vehicle as a late nineties to early two-thousands red Pontiac

The video becomes more terrifying when MacIntyre shows the car parked ahead of her, in an area she would need to run past to get back to her own vehicle.

As she debates what to do, the car starts driving back towards her, and MacIntyre becomes visibly shaken and distressed.

Fortunately, a nearby homeowner allowed her to stand in their yard so that she could safely call her parents and police. A responding officer can be heard recommending she carry some form of protection with her.

MacIntyre ended the video safe in her car, with a safety tip to fellow runners:

"Just please be aware of your surroundings when you are going on runs. Carry protection with you.
"Just be safe."

"If you have a gut feeling that something doesn't feel right, please go with that gut feeling."

TikTok users related to MacIntyre's fear and praised her for trusting her intuition.




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And people were relieved she came out of the situation unharmed.

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MacIntyre's TikTok was a painful reminder you may think such a thing would never happen to you, but it could.