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Disney World Woody Goes Viral For Making Sure Jessie Doesn't Miss Young Black Fan Waving To Her

Disney World Woody Goes Viral For Making Sure Jessie Doesn't Miss Young Black Fan Waving To Her

A moment from a parade at Disney World is going viral after a person dressed at Woody from Toy Story was seen alerting a person dressed as the film's character Jessie that a young Black fan was waving to her.

The moment came following the intense backlash that ensued after a mega-viral video showed Sesame Street characters refusing to interact with Black children at a similar parade last month.

Video of the Disney moment was shared to TikTok by a man who accompanied the child, who was wearing a Jessie-themed outfit and carrying a Jessie doll.


Woody help make Havyn day!!! She got to get a Hug from Jessie #disneyworld #yougotafriendinme @hey_ma_heyyy #magickingdom #toystory #Woody #Jessie

In the video, the Black children could be heard cheering and calling for Jessie to come to their side of the parade route. Given the loudness of the crowd and the music playing, it appears as though the Jessie character couldn't hear their calls.

But Woody definitely could. After several attempts in vain to get Jessie's attention, he finally crossed the parade route to alert her to the situation. She then came over to the Black children, giving the child in the Jessie-themed outfit a huge hug as people nearby cheered.

The moment comes on the heels of a controversial viral video showing an employee dressed as Sesame Street character Rosita seemingly snubbing a group of Black children, making a "no" gesture during a parade at the Sesame Place theme park.

A park spokesperson claimed the Rosita character was signaling no to a patron who requested she hold their baby, which is not allowed, but other camera angles call this interpretation into question. Similar allegations from another family have led to a lawsuit.

On Twitter, many people couldn't help but laugh about what they jokingly suggested was Woody's attempt to avoid a similar legal fallout.

Others were moved by the moment.

In the caption to his TikTok, user @lifesigma said the encounter with Jessie made her day, so it seems the outcome of this parade moment will be lifelong happy memories instead of lawsuits.