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Woman Creeped Out After One Of Her Former Teachers Subscribes To Her OnlyFans Page

Woman Creeped Out After One Of Her Former Teachers Subscribes To Her OnlyFans Page

Social media is all fun and games till your high school teachers start following your explicit accounts.

That's the dilemma a TikToker named Richelle is facing after she found out a teacher from her high school days signed up for a paid subscription to her OnlyFans feed.

Richelle shared the deeply awkward news in the TikTok video below.


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A subscription-based social media platform, OnlyFans is often used by content creators to post adult material of all sorts, from merely suggestive photos to x-rated video.

Richelle is among the creators who use OnlyFans this way, sharing photos and videos in which she sometimes appears nude. And while Richelle graduated high school in 2016 and is well beyond legal age nowadays—21 years old, in fact—she absolutely was not of age when she and the high school teacher in question knew each other.

The teacher/student nature of their relationship is creepy enough as it is, but the story only gets worse from here. Because according to the onscreen text Richelle included in her video, the teacher didn't just follow her on the platform.

He also sent her a direct message on OnlyFans with a deeply inappropriate comment saying, "they always knew I was something special."

That might be sweet or touching if it were in response to, say... well, literally any other kind of content. But when your reaction to adult content is, "I always knew you were special back when I was teaching you when you were an actual child!"

Well, that's just downright inappropriate.

While some folks on TikTok didn't believe Richelle and accused her of staging the incident as a publicity stunt, others were alarmed by her story.











Whether intentionally or not, the story did have the effect of increasing Richelle's OnlyFans business.

According to a follow-up video she posted, the virality of her story about her teacher tripled her income in just one day.