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Pro-Trump TikToker Brags About Her Fake Vaccine Card—And Gets Immediately Reported To FBI

Pro-Trump TikToker Brags About Her Fake Vaccine Card—And Gets Immediately Reported To FBI

An anti-vaxxer and supporter of former President Donald Trump recently posted a video on TikTok flaunting what appeared to be a fake vaccine card.

Something the woman, who has posted several pro-Trump and anti-Biden posts on her TikTok page, might not have been aware of is producing, selling or purchasing those fake vaccine cards is a federal offense.

She may now be facing charges and an FBI investigation.

While the woman has since deleted the video, another TikTok user, @thatdaneshguy, shared her incriminating video.

At the start of the video, the woman asked the camera "who in there still hasn't been vaccinated", to which she quickly answered "me", before flaunting the fake vaccine card in front of the camera.

She then asked "what you gonna do about it?", something @thatdaneshguy had a quick and concise answer to:

"Quite literally report you to the FBI for a fake Covid vaccine card."

@thatdaneshguy then pointed out how her name was on the card, making it easy to identify her and report her. In replies to several comments on the video, @thatdaneshguy confirmed he did just that.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, @thatdaneshguy, who has frequently uses his TikTok page to expose perpetrators of child abuse, conceded getting vaccinated is a personal choice.

But he justified exposing the woman, as her using a fake vaccine card at public gatherings puts the safety of others, including children and the elderly, at risk.

"She is using a fake vaccination card to deceive guidelines at public events (like a concert she recently went to according to her Instagram) where there will be other people there who she is making a medical choice for."
"Vaccinations reduce the chance of spread, but not completely so when she's ignoring guidelines and spreading it to others, she is responsible for the people she infects."

The video has gone on to receive over 11 million views, an accomplishment @thatdaneshguy still can't quite believe he achieved.

"It was the least work I've ever had to put into a single video and it is now my highest viewed video on multiple platforms."

Viewers of the video shared their befuddlement in the comments section, astonished that anyone would be so ignorant as to flaunt committing a federal crime.









The video even caught the attention of 90's teen star Devon Sawa, who not only shared the video on Twitter, but tagged the FBI in the comments section.

There were also those who came to the woman's defense, with one comment even questioning if she was even capable of committing a crime, in spite of the fact she flaunted her fake card right at the camera.

@thatdaneshguy was quick to respond in a follow up TikTok video.

After thanking his followers for helping make his video go viral, @thatdaneshguy called out the blatant racial profiling found in the comments.

"You are implying that only people of color are capable of committing crimes."
"That's called racial profiling and you should be ashamed of yourself, cause you're racist."

Other's used the popular comparison used by countless anti-vaxxers—equating vaccine mandates to being persecuted by the Nazis, claiming @thatdaneshguy would have "snitched on Anne Frank."

Unable to hide his disgust, @thatdaneshguy posted another TikTok video calling out the appalling statements.

WARNING: NSFW language


Reply to @xtinapilar you should be ashamed of that comment @lauzunu you too.

"These comments are absolutely disgusting."
"I shouldn't have to say what the Jews went through in the holocaust does not compare to what a privileged little White girl to get a fake covid vaccine card, show it on the internet, and challenge the internet to do something about it."
"It is not the same as being born Jewish, and having to hide in an attic for years and then being tortured and killed in a concentration camp."

He then pointed out a more logical comparison would be Veruca Salt, the iconic spoiled brat of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, before showing a clip of the classic film.

After the FBI issued a public service announcement this past March which declared the sale and/or purchase of fake vaccine cards a federal offense, the number of fake vaccine cards being sold or purchased increased.

While it is unclear if the woman is facing any charges yet, using a fake vaccine card carries a penalty of a $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

Plenty of time to think more carefully about what not to post on social media in the future.