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TikTok Is Totally Lusting After Young Secret Service Agent Who Accompanied Biden On Latest Trip

TikTok Is Totally Lusting After Young Secret Service Agent Who Accompanied Biden On Latest Trip
@magsmur/TikTok; @sadieethomas12/TikTok; @carolinecray/TikTok

TikTok has a new heartthrob it's pining for, and he comes from a most unlikely source. No, not a movie actor or a rock star or even a social media influencer. Nope, this time it's one of Democratic President Joe Biden's secret service agents that has TikTok on fire, and the thirst is very, very real.

The young member of the President's elite retinue of guards has made a splash with women on the app after he and his chiseled jawline were spotted accompanying Biden to Nantucket, Massachusetts.

And now the handsome man of mystery has become an all-out obsession.


“What do you wanna tell Joe Byron’s Secret Service agent right now?” … SUP BABY, TAKE ME OUT TO DINNER 🥵 #presidentjoebiden #nantucket #iminlove

One of the most viewed TikToks of this top-secret heartthrob summed it up best with its onscreen captions, which read:

"Came to see Joe Biden... stayed for the Secret Service."

Fair enough! That jawline alone could launch a thousand ships.

The Bidens spent their Thanksgiving in Nantucket, a quaint island just off the coast of Massachusetts where they have spent most of their Thanksgivings since the 1970s. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour for the President and First Lady, who greeted troops at a nearby Coast Guard facility and attended the island's annual Christmas tree lighting, among other appearances.

But on TikTok at least, it's fair to say the Bidens were eclipsed by the app's new crush, and it's easy to see why. Because no matter your type, it's hard to argue that the gent isn't a thirst inducer, even behind the dark glasses and trench coat trying and failing to make him less noticeable.

And on TikTok, gawking at the high-security hottie has become a team effort, with TikTokers even directing followers to other accounts in order to get other looks at the agent, like user @magsmur below.


@Matthew Notarangelo I called dibs first #presidentbiden #nantucket #fyp #joebiden #massachusetts

Commenting on her own video, @magsmur told her followers that there ware "More angles at @SadieT," and those angles, seen below, did not disappoint.


the third angle y’all been waiting for #nantucket #president #joebiden #secretservice #fyp

Perhaps most exciting to the TikTokers was user @carolinecray, who caught a glimpse of the agent without his ever-present sunglasses.


This man officially owns this sound #secretservice #nantucket #presidentjoebiden #joebiden

In short, the agent had TikTokers in an all-out frenzy.











As per procedure for Secret Service agents, the identity of Biden's security hottie is unknown. Let's all be sure to keep our thirst-stalking to a minimum lest we blow his cover and force him to be replaced!