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Guy Has TikTok In Stitches As He Dunks On His 'Basic White Sister' For Her Cringey Home Decor


We all probably know someone who hangs word-art signs around their house like there's no tomorrow.

As if someone took half of TJ Maxx or Marshall's home.

As if HomeGoods threw up all over their home.

TikToker and makeup guru John Michael Baker has a sister who loves any and all of those kinds of signs. They're paired with an extensive collection of wreaths.

Baker—tongue firmly in cheek—gave a tour of his "basic White" sister's home, highlighting her decor.

Adorned with one of her decorative wreaths, he read all of the "art" aloud:

There were a lot of them to read.

A whole lot.

Baker then took people on a tour of his sister's home away from home:

Hobby Lobby.

At Home.

The internet could relate.




With a never-ending collection of platitudes laid out in "whimsical" fonts, it's very easy to feel you are in a suburban stereotype.





In the festive spirit, Baker and his so-called "basic White sister" filmed a basic fall-themed episode.

@johnmichaelbaker Welcome to my basic white sister's home: Part 5! FALL EDITION! 🍁🎃🍂 ##basic ##whitegirl ##fall ##pumpkinspice ##farmhousedecor ##funny ##lol ##viral
♬ original sound - John Michael Baker

It featured Baker in an autumn-leaf wreath crown reading such statements as "Let our lives be full of both thanks AND giving."

He rounded out the series with a blooper reel.

Teasing our siblings will never go out of style.

So long as we all remember to live, love, laugh and live them to the moon and back.