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This Comedian Has Been Giving A Genius Joke-Writing Tip Every Day Since The Beginning Of The Year

Screenshot via YouTube (Gary Gulman) // @GaryGulman

Those of you who've always wanted to try your hand at standup comedy and joke writing should always take some time out of your day to listen to the professionals.

Comedian Gary Gulman, who first garnered attention as a finalist on Last Comic Standing and whose discography includes such albums as Conversations with Inanimate Objects and It's About Time has just what you need.

Ahead of the New Year, Gulman posted the following messages to his Twitter account:

Gulman kept his word.

The comedy tips arrived right on schedule.

Some of these tips came with extra advice and clarification.

Then he soldiered on.

Here's some more detailed advice again:

Carry on.

Number 8 comes with add-ons.


Oh, wait, here we go again:


When in doubt, refer to Emerson.

#13 is crucial, people.

Be kind to people. It goes a long way.

It's not over till it's over.

And we continue...

You've got to admire this guy's commitment:

The month is not over yet, and Gulman's advice is going over quite well.

Get on that, comics. You'll thank yourselves later.