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Thanos Creator Epically Slams Trump Campaign For Using 'Mass Murderer' In Impeachment Meme

Thanos Creator Epically Slams Trump Campaign For Using 'Mass Murderer' In Impeachment Meme

Trump War Room – the name of Donald Trump's 2020 campaign team's Twitter account – used a Marvel supervillain to personify the President in a super awkward video.

In the video posted on Tuesday, Trump's mug was superimposed over Thanos in footage from Avengers: Endgame.

Before snapping his fingers and eviscerating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, Trump's Thanos declared:

"I am inevitable."

Thanos, a murderous Titan, attempted to restore balance to the overpopulated universe by wiping out half the population from existence.

This was achieved with the snap of his fingers by wearing the Infinity Gauntlet embedded with six powerful stones.

The tweet comes as Democrats in the House of Representatives are moving forward in Trump's impeachment process.

But what Trump's campaign team failed to realize was the fact that Thanos' victory was short-lived.

By using Thanos as a subtle threat to annihilate Trump's political opponents, his campaign team compared Donald Trump to being a mass murderer.

Comic artist and co-creator of Thanos, Jim Starlin, commented on the Trump campaign's egregious co-opting of the Marvel character and called the President a "pompous fool."

Starlin told Huffington Post:

"After my initial feeling of being violated, seeing that pompous fool using my creation to stroke his infantile ego, it finally struck me that the leader of my country and the free world actually enjoys comparing himself to a mass murderer."
"How sick is that?"

Comic fans were here for Starlin.

The video sparked a discussion on Republicans deliberately embracing their villainy.

Starlin, 70, drew and submitted illustrations for comics during his off duty time while serving as an aviation photographer in the US Navy in Vietnam.

His first job with Marvel after joining the comics industry in 1972 was as a finisher on pages of The Amazing Spider-Man.

He subsequently drew three issues for Iron Man, which introduced Thanos.

Starlin ended his HuffPo statement with a glimmer of hope.

"These are sad and strange times we are going through. Fortunately all things, even national nightmares, eventually come to an end."

We are all waiting for the day.

Gizmodo is currently waiting for a response after pressing Disney – which owns Marvel Entertainment LLC – for the use of their intellectual property by Trump's team.

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