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Thanksgiving Eve Drinking Game Ideas 2017

Thanksgiving Eve Drinking Game Ideas 2017

Did you know the night before Thanksgiving is called "Blackout Wednesday"?

Why, you ask? Because, that Wednesday is usually the first time college students who have been away come home to their old stomping grounds and reconnect with old friends. And what do you do to reconnect with old friends? You drink.

So, we definitely want to encourage your good time. But let's focus it in a little more, eh? Here are some great drinking games for you to play while you slowly blackout and reconnect with your friends.

Kings/Kings Cup

For this one you need a deck of cards. There's a rule for every card:

ACE: Waterfall! The person who drew the card has to start drinking, and once they start, the next person has to start, and then the next, and then the next, etc. Nobody may stop drinking until the person before them has stopped.

TWO: You! The person who drew picks someone in the circle to drink.

THREE: Me! The person who drew, drinks.

FOUR: Floor! Everyone must touch the floor. The last person to touch the floor drinks.

FIVE: Guys! All the guys/male identifying people in the room drink.

SIX: Chicks! All the women/female identifying people in the room drink.

SEVEN: Heaven! Everyone must point up to the sky. The last person to do so drinks.

EIGHT: Pick a date! The person who drew picks a date and every time either party in the date has to drink, the other person must also drink.

NINE: Rhyme! The person who drew says a word, and the person to the right must rhyme with that word. The circle continues until someone fails to rhyme, at which time, they must drink.

TEN: Categories! The person who drew must come up with a category of things, and the person to their right must come up with something that falls within that category. This goes on around the table until someone can't come up with anything. This person must drink.

JACK: Rule! The person who drew makes up a rule. If anybody breaks that rule, they must drink.

QUEEN: Question master! The player who drew the card becomes question master. Whenever this player asks a question other players must answer with another question until the next queen card is drawn and a new question master is selected. Players who answer a question from the question master without a question must drink. Simply making the ending intonation of your sentence in a questioning manner does not count and you must drink. Ex. Questionmaster: "What time is it?" Player: "Is it around midnight?"

KING: Kings Cup! Everybody pours a bit of their drink into an empty cup. When the 4th king is drawn, the person who drew it must drink from the Kings Cup.


Ten Fingers/Never Have I Ever

This game is great for learning how your friends have...erm...evolved since last you'd seen each other.

Everybody must sit in a circle so that you can all see each other. You hold up ten fingers, and the person whose birthday it most recently was starts the round. They have to say a simple statement starting with "Never have I ever..." If you have done the thing the person says they have never done, you must take a drink.

That's pretty much it, but here are some fun rules for you to spice up your game:

-The people who are putting down a finger must make some sort of noticeable gesture so that everybody knows they're guilty. A suggestion: clapping.

-If there is only ONE person who is putting a finger down, that person must provide a detailed account of what they did.

-If the person who said "Never have I ever..." gets nobody to put their hands down, they must drink.

Most Likely

This is another one good for rekindling your old friendships. It's very simple.

The group sits in a circle, and someone asks a 'most likely' question. For example, "Who would be most likely to get arrested for public drunkenness?" After counting to three, everyone points at a person who they think are most likely to do so. The person who has the most fingers pointed at them drinks as many drinks as fingers pointing at them. You are TOTALLY allowed to cheat and point with both hands.


Straight Face

This one is hard. You'll need paper and a pen. Every turn, someone is "it." Everyone except "it" takes a piece of paper and writes an inappropriate phrase or sentence. "It" must read every single piece of paper without laughing. If "it" laughs, they must drink, and the person to their right becomes "it." That person must resume reading the papers. This cycle continues until all the pieces of paper have been read.


Cheers, Gov'na!

This is a fairly simple game that gets complicated very quickly. You go around the circle and count to 21. (If you have a certain amount of people, the same person always gets 21, so adjust the end number accordingly so that you don't repeat people too often.) Whoever gets 21 says "Cheers govna!" Everybody takes a quick drink, and that player gets to make a rule that applies to one of the other numbers in the sequence.

For example, the rule could be: "instead of 17, you have to say: 'Number 17, the spread-eagle!'" (Chicago, anyone?)

If anybody breaks that rule, they have to drink.


Happy Thanksgiving Eve/Blackout Wednesday, and here's hoping you have a night you'll never remember.

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