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These Dads Consistently Texting The Bare Minimum Are So Hilariously On Brand

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Anybody who grew up with Baby Boomer parents really know that dads struggle with using our technology the way it is meant to be used.

Combine that anxiety with the fact that dads can often just be poor communicators anyway, and hilarity ensues.

Dads are a big fan of the response "ok" as a catch all:

And man, can we relate. We can really relate.

Dads worldwide and across apps are offenders.

It doesn't matter if it's texting, or Whatsapp, or whatever. It's just. Every. One. Of. Them.

Sometimes it's lucky if you get words back at all.

? ?? !

Sometimes slight variations on "Ok":

Are you reading this, dads?

Because if you are, just know that we are ONTO you.

You're all in a secret cult of "Ok," aren't you?

Well, honestly, Jimmy Kimmel proved on his show that all dads are bad texters whether or not they say one word answers or write paragraphs:

Kimmel Staffers Read Dad Texts

So maybe it's a blessing that you're only getting one word answers?

Relatable ahoy.

Never stop being dad, dads.