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Texas Assistant AG Doubles Down After Being Fired Over His Wildly Bigoted And Threatening Tweets

Texas Assistant AG Doubles Down After Being Fired Over His Wildly Bigoted And Threatening Tweets
@votenickmoutos / Twitter

The assistant attorney general of Texas was fired recently after several public tweets of a questionable nature were reported online. Nick Moutos' Twitter feed is made up of threats against protesters, QAnon conspiracy theories, and bigotry.

Moutos lost his job after reporting in an article from Media Matters pointed out this history of controversial tweets.

And this isn't a case of digging up old tweets either. Moutos has only been on Twitter for a year and made all these tweets in that time.

He's threatened former President Barack Obama...

...pushed for violent conspiracy theory movements...

...and threatened Black Lives Matter protesters, who he calls terrorists.

According to the Media Matters article, Moutos also calls Islam a "virus" and is very anti-Muslim, saying the religion only wants to "kill and destroy."

Moutos views on LGBTQ+ people are equally enlightened, with the politician claiming trans people are "abhorrent" and an "abomination".

Media Matters collected all this information and contacted the Texas Office of the Attorney General, but at the time they initially published the article, they received little in the way of information on Moutos' status with the office.

So the article was published for everyone to see.

Moutos worked for Attorney General Ken Paxton since 2017.

Recently, he ran for a seat on the U.S. House of Representatives and lost.

With all this going on over the last year, it's amazing he wasn't fired sooner.

Despite all of this, despite the outrage and repercussions of his tweets, Moutos has doubled down and continued to tweet out his bigotry and conspiracy theories.

He recently posted:

"Calling something a #ConspiracyTheory doesn't make it untrue."
"Yet biased 'watchdogs' such as [Media Matters for America] and the #MSM propaganda wing of the #Democrat #Marxist party want you to believe it does."
"If it's just a 'crazy theory,' why does it frighten them?"

In addition, he's retweeted accounts spreading anti-vaccination conspiracies, claimed Joe Biden is pushing for socialism and that antifa counter protesters are the real fascists.

As he continues to ask questions about why the media doesn't give credence to conspiracy theories, or why it would be bigoted to call LGBTQ people an abomination, we can rest well knowing he now has a lot of free time to think on it.