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Texas Artist's Super Cringey 'Mount Trumpmore' Sculpture Has Twitter Saying 'No Thanks'

Texas Artist's Super Cringey 'Mount Trumpmore' Sculpture Has Twitter Saying 'No Thanks'
New Tang Dynasty (NTD) News

A Texas man is receiving backlash on Twitter for his ridiculous artwork.

Trace Guthrie, a sculptor with over 40 years of experience, has been the topic of criticism for selling $250 clay sculptures of—get this—"Mount Trumpmore."

"Mount Trumpmore" depicts former U.S. President Donald Trump's face between former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln of the famous South Dakota monument Mount Rushmore.

He showcased his sculptures on the New Tang Dynasty evening news, where he praised former President Trump as a blue-collar "man of the people," though it's common knowledge that Trump inherited (and subsequently lost) much of his fortune from his father, Fred Trump.

Watch the interview here:

Texas Sculptor Makes 'Mount Trumpmore'; Biden Wants Vaccine Mandate for Military | NTD

In the interview, Guthrie said of Trump:

"The guy is, they say, a billionaire, but he's got a blue collar on him. He actually gets out there with those construction people building his buildings, and he knows them."

Guthrie went on to discuss complaints he received from a former art student of his.

The student sent Guthrie a letter after seeing his latest sculptures, criticizing his reverence for Trump after the damage the former President caused the country during the start of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Guthrie:

"She said, 'Trump has killed half a million people with COVID!' And the only thing I'm wondering is, where did you get that?"

During the pandemic, more than 600,000 Americans died, many due to Trump's repeated failure to take Covid-19 seriously.

Trump downplayed the virus and instructed his followers to inject hydroxychloroquine, an immunosuppressive and anti-parasitic drug, into themselves as a COVID-19 "cure," which is both medically untested and quite dangerous.

Even though Trump himself contracted the virus and was hospitalized for treatment last fall, he continued to insist to his followers that the virus was no worse than the flu and that nothing bad would happen to them if they got sick. He sowed seeds of mistrust in the now widely available COVID-19 vaccines, while simultaneously taking credit for the vaccine's development.

Because of Trump's mishandling of the pandemic and the subsequent deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, Guthrie is understandably getting heated criticism for his "Mount Trumpmore"—especially on Twitter.

In response to Guthrie's New Tang Dynasty interview, several people took to Twitter to express their disapproval.

Others called out Guthrie's artwork itself.

Though Trump would love to see his face on Mount Rushmore, the general public is saying, "no thanks."