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Teacher's Hilariously Brutal Farewell Note To Student With 'Annoying Voice' Has People Cracking Up


Just like any of us, teachers have a capacity for sarcasm and sass.

What we may not know is a teacher's shade knows no bounds, as they really have dealt with their students in all their childhood and teenage glory for the better part of a calendar year.

A Twitter user called Ash (@arcticashhh) was at the receiving end of her teacher's shade in a big way.

She shared a brutal note her English teacher had written her at the end of the year.

"Ashleigh," the note began.

"Sometimes I go home and can't sleep because your annoying voice that just doesn't stop keeps ringing in my ears, like the worst torture known to man."
"That is all. Good luck."

The recipient then divulged it was sarcasm as she barely made a sound in the class.

Ash later offered to get proof Mr. Seedat's note was the real deal.

She shared a text exchange with Mr. Seedat where he took ownership of his sarcastic note.


The words went viral as people chuckled at the seeming absolute brutality of the note left by Mr. Seedat.

Still others were recounting the sassy things their teachers said to them in yearbooks and letters they are still thinking about all these years later.

With the amount of overworked and underpaid most American teachers are, it's no wonder they have such a reservoir of sass saved up.